Monday, August 22, 2011


Ambujam mami knew almost everyone in that complex of more than six blocks of 16 houses each. She had the knack of befriending all with her pleasant conversation. Always well dressed, she was a picture of grace wearing always a smile in her face. She had a small family of husband and an office going daughter in her early 20s.Her husband who generally left in the mornings came late.Ambujam spent most of the time talking to one or the other in the lobbies, play area or in the pathway while she went for walk twice a day. Nothing happened in the complex without her knowledge. She knew which apartment had new tenants, which lady is in family way, where the kids are studying or working and which one had gone astray and which family is breaking up. The possession of this knowledge has fetched her albeit wrongly a label as a gossip. It is not her fault that she knew the happenings in the complex and that she shared the news with other friends. There were some occupants who avoided her like a plague.

Be that as it may, she had been noticing for the last few months a young man visiting the complex on his motorbike whenever she went out to visit her relatives during weekends. Clad in jeans and colorful shirts, he looked muscular and quite handsome. What intrigued mami was that Renuka of E block rushed out every time that young man came and was seen talking to him in a corner of the community hall..Renuka and Ambujam mami’s daughter Sumitra were close friends having studied together and living in the same complex. But she didn’t mention this to her daughter as she would get angry with her for her snooping trait. But mami relieved herself of the tension by telling a few other ladies. They also watched and confirmed her suspicion that Renuka was meeting him frequently without the knowledge of her parents. Mami even thought of bringing this to the notice of Renuka’s mom but dropped the idea as that lady was never warm with her

When mami went out to visit her relatives, Sumitra would invariably excuse herself pleading she needed rest. One Saturday when Ambujam mami was leaving, she saw Renuka in animated conversation with that young man .When she turned back to see her, she saw her pointing her hand at her and giggling with him. She could take no more of this nasty goings on and decided to tell her mom about the secret meetings.

The next Monday she took her close friend who lived in the opposite apartment with her and went to Renuka’s house. Luckily the young girl was not at home. Her mom welcomed them and said “A pleasant surprise your visit is. I know you as Sumitra’s mom but we have never mixed much. I am glad you came with your friend. Just a couple of minutes, I will get you some tea and biscuits.”

After the pleasantries Ambujam said “Actually I wanted to come earlier but was hesitant. I was not sure how you would react to the information that I wish to convey to you.”

“Why would I react? You can tell me freely without hesitation. I am actually eager to hear you” the lady said.

“You should not mistake me.Renuka is just like my daughter Sumitra.I am as much concerned about her as I am with my own daughter” Ambujam gently started broaching the subject.

“What about Renuka? Why should you be concerned with her? Did she do something for you to be upset with her?” she asked with a worried look.

“You are a mom like me. I just wanted to inform you that Renuka is meeting one young man near the community hall on weekends invariably and on some other occasions. They seem to talk enthusiastically. I do not know whether you are aware of this. I felt I should caution you about their secret liaison “she whispered to her.

“Frankly I am not aware. Let me check with Renuka.We are a liberal family and would not object to her choosing her own boy friend and eventually her partner. Since she hasn’t mentioned, let me find out” the lady said calmly.

It was then Renuka entered the house unexpectedly. Ambujam was taken aback and started to get up. The lady restrained her asking her “Please be seated. Let us ask Renuka in your presence. We will know the actual facts”

Renuka after hearing her mother turned towards Ambujam and said “Mami, hold your breath for the information that I am going to reveal may shock you. I would not have told you but for your bringing the matters to this head. That young man is coming to meet Sumitra.He is a common friend. They are great friends and have been dating for more than a year. He comes to meet Sumitra every weekend. He checks with me before going into your apartment whether you had left andt Sumitra is alone. He chats with me for a few minutes before going into your apartment for spending a couple of hours or taking her out. I learn they may tie the knot very soon.”

When Ambujam mami started fainting and was about to fall, the lady shouted “Renuka, get a glass of cool water and put the fan at high speed”


  1. Wow, such a twist and..the narrator needs a lot of appreciation. Great work KP.

  2. One suggestion, Sir:
    Leaving some space between paragraphs would make it easier to read.

    It is a nice story. :-)

  3. Good Post. In most cases, while people gossip about others, they fail to realise that their own house is not in order. Liked the way Ambujam mami has been described.

  4. The twist in the tale is great! I have met people like Ambujam maami when I was in Hosur living in a housing complex!

    Enjoyed reading this story, Partha Sir!

  5. He he.. very funny..! But i kind of guessed it .. lol :D

  6. Hahahaha :) strange but true :) ajab desh ki ghajab kahaniyan :)

  7. Another humor packed one from your pen…

  8. Kind of guessed where you were going with this story... not disappointing! Thank you!

  9. Haha this had an amazing twist in the tale. great one kp!

  10. wow:)..the best:).just loved it !!

  11. hahahaha gr8

    Snooping is a bad habit:P so she deserved this :D