Saturday, August 20, 2011

My writ runs here

I was having my leisurely lunch at the restaurant. It was then I saw my (ex) husband Sunil walking in alone and looking for a place to sit. I wished to avoid him and lowered my head hoping he would not see me. I lost myself in my thoughts about him and my life with him. Well educated, well employed and handsome, he was what many girls would dream to be married with. It was an arranged marriage and I did not have much occasion to know him well. After the initial euphoria, I could find a pronounced streak of selfishness, intolerance and lack of consideration for others in him. I thought being the only child of his parents, he had had no occasion to share with siblings as most do and expected whatever he wished had to be done without demur. I hoped things would turn better over a period of time since he was married. But when he started insisting that in all matters his wish alone would govern our lives, I resisted. It did not stop with issues where he was involved but even on matters relating to me like when I can visit my parents, talk to my people and friends. He would insist on my cooking a full meal even when we came late tired and I was in no mood to cook. He would expect me to accompany him to boring parties at his friends’ places even when I disliked some of them. Things became so intolerable that I felt I could breathe easier without him.
On one day when in anger he said “In this house my writ alone runs. Do as I ask you to do or find your own home to live”, I replied that I would be moving away.
“Get lost immediately. Don’t you ever dream of coming back here” he thundered in anger.
I left him then and there. He tried to talk to me after a month but I did not encourage as I was still nursing my anger. I must confess I missed him though I could not accept his boorish behavior. I had not looked for any other man. I started learning Japanese to kill the evening times.
I was woken up from my reverie when I heard his soft voice”Swapna, what a surprise? Can I sit here? I wish to talk to you”
“Why not, you are welcome” I replied
“How are you? You look a bit wan and reduced. Are you keeping well?” he asked
“I am fine. The stress perhaps could be the reason “I replied. I was inwardly happy that he was concerned about my health and waited to hear what he wished to say. I was wondering whether he was struck with remorse and had come to plead for my return to his home. If he sincerely expressed regret and promised to change his ways, I was mentally not averse to give one more try.
When he was keeping quiet for some time, I prodded him saying “You wished to tell me something.”
“Yes, er…..I don’t know how to begin and how you would react to what I am going to say” he replied.
“Why should you hesitate? You never bothered to pay heed to my feelings anytime and did things as you wished. Why this preamble? Tell me whatever you wanted to say and be done with it” I said
“I have personally nothing against you. You have difficulty in adjusting to my way of living and there was no possibility of our seeing eye to eye on most things. You thought it fit to move away” he said when I interrupted him saying “It is not a correct statement. You asked me to get lost if I cannot accept your condition that it is your writ that runs in the home. I always felt marriage is an arrangement between two equal partners.”
“Whatever be the reason we are now living separately and will have to formalize it by mutual agreement” he said
“Then go ahead and ask your lawyer to send the papers. What is there for you to talk to me? I have some urgent work. Can I go?” I said
“No, it is like this. You know Smitha who works as assistant manager in my department. We have been meeting for some time and she has tentatively agreed to marry me after our divorce papers are finalized. But she insists on her meeting you and knowing from you the reasons for separation. You can help me get on with my life by facilitating this marriage to materialize. Will you do this favour?” he pleaded in a soft tone that was unlike him.
Concealing my anger I said “You can send her anytime. I am getting late”
The next day when Smitha came home, I welcomed her and offered her a drink.
“I know you work in Sunil’s department. What is it you wanted to meet me for?” I asked
“Yes, he is my boss. I am aware that you and Sunil have separated. He wants me to marry him and pressuring me to agree. I wished to know in confidence why you moved away from him within a year of marriage. Your reply will have a bearing on my answer to him though I promise I will not divulge what you would be telling me. Please help me to decide” she spoke directly coming to the point.
“It is simple. Just make an intelligent guess why a woman would leave a well educated, well employed and handsome guy within a year” I said
The colour in her face turned and she said “I think I know”
“Exactly, he could not consummate the marriage despite doctors certifying him being normal. He would not admit” I said coolly
A fortnight later I heard she had resigned her job and left for some other station. My writ ran here


  1. Good one well written happy that the Ass mgr came n spoke to the ex wife..

  2. When there is an issue in any relationship, it is a parasite eating away the sap out of the life. Despite making sincere attempts to sort it out, if the result is not encouraging, I would say there is no point in being optimistic and saying all the bombastic things about married life and trying to stick on. Maybe, it is time for some serious decisions then …

  3. What to say... Marriages are made in heaven... proverb... Taking life like their own writ is wrong in both the cases... what is the difference between him and her? both are same and grudge their lives.

  4. Once you dislike a person, it is very difficult to continue living with him. She did the right thing leaving him.

    But what she did was wrong in telling a blatant lie to the girl who wanted to marry him. She could have told the truth and made her decide. So, she is not a girl who wants to make a home!

    This ending is interesting and makes the story memorable! Nice!

  5. interesting story. seems like she didnt want another woman to bear the brunt of his selfishness and inconsideration. whether what she did was right or wrong is debatable.

  6. Wow Sir.. that was brilliant.. :) never expected the twist in there.. loved it..