Saturday, November 26, 2011

55 word fiction

1) Impatience
“Daddy, here is the report card”
All Cs and couple of Ds with ‘Very poor’ remark
“You bring shame, you fool” said dad and slapped the boy
“That is brother’s. He didn’t attend school. Here is mine” said sobbing boy
All A plus with one A
Daddy shrank in shame as he hugged the boy

2) Double standard
“I am bored stiff. Let us go to casino and have fun” prodded Sunita
“I am in no mood. Let us watch TV” replied hubby
“No, we are going”
“Mommy, let me come. Me too bored” said her small daughter
“No, play with nanny”
“She doesn’t. She talks on mobile”
“Then watch Tom and Jerry”

3) Vanity
The girl in tatters swiped the car clean at the signal.
He dropped a rupee coin in her hand.
“Daddy, you paid ten rupees for the gateman at the restaurant”
“He opened the door”
“He did his duty. This girl voluntarily cleaned the car, daddy” said the girl
“Shut up Be your age” snapped daddy

4) Surprise
It was the third day after marriage.
Her dinner was a total failure again.
She trembled as hubby said “Drop everything. You are going out. Get ready as I bring the car”
Crest fallen she feared the worst as she sat in the car.
He drove silently and stopped the car before Pizza hut

5) Reality
The baby looked at her mom crying
Mommy was forcibly feeding something through a device.
“Don’t cry” said the cute baby. She didn’t hear
“Mommy, my stomach is burning. Please stop feeding”
Deaf must be mommy but tears rolled faster
“I love you mommy” said the baby girl as she closed her eyes permanently.


  1. Vanity Vanity!
    As the Bard said if,"Frailty , thy name is woman", well "Vanity thy name is mankind".

    It is the most blatant, shameful and sometimes offensive trait Man has.

  2. Last one i couldnt underatnbd what was happening..vanity and surprise are good:)

  3. Impatience is good. Vanity is good too! Reality is the best, Partha Sir! Felt bad reading it.

  4. All are good. I liked the third one vanity .. because often we commit such mistakes.

  5. Impatience and reality were my favs .. awesome read :)

  6. Impatience and reality were my favs .. awesome read :)

  7. there you are back to it...
    each one has something or other for the readers, but this one, Double standard...whats that about? oops didnt get

  8. Ah.. what an emotional jugalbandi.. mixing all of the feelings in those simple 55 words.. every one of them were excellent.. especially the.. :)

  9. Excellent 55s. Liked Vanity best! Why are we made so? As for 'Surprise', i wish all hubbys were so understanding.
    Keep them coming.......

  10. Superb Thatha... I loved the last one very much :)

  11. Good to see you back. Great to hear some stories too. Hats off to Pizza Hut!

  12. Reality was the most touching of all...Very crisp and to the point stories. Great work, KP:)

  13. Blessing my friend, i have been neglectful in not stopping by more often. I Trusy you are well.

    Yoir stories are a reminder that we must be mindful in all we do, to consider oir actions, its impact and conseqience.

    Well done

  14. enjoyed all of them... but vanity ...something to ponder about...

  15. was touched by the last one..that was a very powerful message.

  16. So you are back with the 55 Fiction. I loved all of those, especially "Vanity". Many of us tend to give tip to the waiter in 50's or 100's....but when it comes to give food to the one who really needs it...many back out.

    Pizza Hut was so romantic...wish all the husbands are so:D
    Impaitence...yet again a good one!!!

    Take care

  17. 55 fiction must be quite an effort for someone who likes to write elaborate tales. Good job

  18. loved the 1st story especially about the boy and the report card. Brings back memories of my school days and the nervousness that I would encounter everytime the report card was given at school.

  19. Really nice.loved all of them but the last one touched my heart. I know so many women who are simply not meant to be mothers and as a result, their children suffer...

    Nice read