Tuesday, March 6, 2012


He was looking at me intently. I could feel his piercing eyes even when I turned. I collected his order of burger and coffee and headed to his table. He smiled at me and said with a laugh”Thanks, that is very fast work .I like quick service and brisk girls.”

Tall and handsome in early 30s, he had hypnotic eyes that bound me to him unable to move.”Thanks Sir. This is very normal. We keep our patrons happy” I said

“I have seen you earlier here and that is why I chose this table” he said with a wink. The dimple in his cheek as he smiled had a mesmeric effect. I stood there transfixed as it were though I should have moved after placing the plates on the table.

“Sorry for asking. How much do you make here in a month” he asked

“About four to five thousand in a month including tips” I said

“That is a peanut considering that you are on your legs for the entire duty and walking to and fro endlessly” he said with a tinge of sympathy and quickly added “Would you be interested to quit for a better option?”

“Yes, it is low but for my skill I cannot get any better. What do you mean by better option” I asked

“I have been wishing to get one like you. I am greatly impressed with you. You are quite attractive and efficient. I mean by better option chuck this job and come with me .You can lead a very comfortable and satisfying life in my home” he said. When I was silent at his incredible offer he added “I am serious. Come away with me now. You can settle later with the owner”

When I was overcome by disbelief and surprise at my good fortune in being e asked me to move to his home with him, he held out his hand and as I took it he assured “It is a deal. Don’t be afraid. You will be happy for this instant decision.

As the big and sleek black car moved smoothly with me by his side, I wondered whether he could be the prince charming to the poor Cinderella as I imagined myself. He drove slowly and made small talk about my family, my education and where I lived.

The car entered through big gate and glided through a drive way towards a large white bungalow surrounded by big garden and green lawns. I have never seen miracles except in stories but this one seemed to be happening to me.

He opened the door and led me into the spacious living room.He asked a butler like man who opened the door to give me fruitshake.He turned to me and said “Excuse me. I will be presently here with you” and ran up the stairs leading to first floor. As I surveyed the hall, I could see rich opulence everywhere.

When I heard some shuffle of feet, I turned to see him coming down the stairs with his arms around a young lady carrying a small baby in her arms and a girl of five years in tow. The little girl in pony tail and pinafore came running to me exclaiming “I like my new nanny”


  1. Oh! I was looking for a love angle! Poor girl, her dreams and hopes were shattered!

  2. How sad :( But love the story....

  3. ooooooooohhh..poor girl:( Sad for her...miracles do happen, cinderellas happen:)

  4. Well as always there is the "twist" in your tale. I was almost sure that this Prince charming was some sort of a psycho! but thank god it was not like that

  5. That's great! She can now relax with the kids!

  6. Poor gal i wish she would have been the mrs of the house :) I just love happy endings all the time ;)

  7. Wow! well narrated. So much so for assumptions. Keep Writing.

  8. aww! too bad for her!
    but nicely written story

  9. I blame the girl for having high expectations! It is also not nice of the man to lead her in to some fairy tale imagination..but I am sure this is a better job for her :-) yes, it is a beautiful story with a nice twist, I was proven wrong because I thought he was going to be some psycho!

  10. Poor thing! u broke her heart..cinderalla ending are supposed to be happ ending right ;) :D

  11. I think the girl ( Cinderella) she wanted to be , was capricious

  12. Thank God he was not a creep. But sad for her as her dreams were smashed. Loved the twist in the end.

  13. A nice unexpected twist in the tale, well narrated!

  14. Dear Partha,
    A Pleasant and Cool Morning!
    Wish You A Happy Holi!
    The twist in the story was unexpected!
    A nice story beautifully narrated!
    May your heart be filled with colours!

  15. Ohhh that was an unexpected ending…
    I was reminded of movie Shivaji and then came the pony tail girl calling nanny :P

  16. You have become an expert in introducing unexpected twists at the end Sir :-) Nice one.