Friday, August 17, 2012

An encounter

"Is this the way you put up files to a GM of the company? Are you are not aware that this is being put up to the board of directors? The pages are not numbered and the references are not flagged. Do you expect me to fish through the file? Such inept work I cannot tolerate" shouted Uma at the young man who came to her room and literally threw the file on the table to the corner he was standing.

The handsome young man who was in early thirties did not react but quietly took the file and left the room.Uma who was 28 had joined the company recently as GM (finance).The Managing Director had asked her a week earlier to prepare the important note for the board meeting the next day in the absence of a director for finance. A rank holder with good experience she wanted to impress the board at the first opportunity she got

The young man returned in a short while with the file in a new folder with all pages numbered and some earlier references flagged. She also found to her surprise some corrections in the note in pencil both of figures and grammar. She wondered to her obvious embarrassment how she overlooked these flaws.

Recovering herself she said “Thank you for the good job but you should have taken care in the first instance. What is your good name?"

“Kumar" he replied

"Thanks again. You can go and let me finalize this now"

It was 6.30 in the evening .She tried to start her car in the parking lot at the basement. It did not come alive despite her several attempts. Worried she came out of the car and locked it wanting to take a cab. It was then she saw Kumar coming towards her.

"Any problem, miss? Can I help you?"

"I don't think you can do much. Some electrical problem, I think"

“Let me just have a look, if you do not mind" he said as he opened the door. After starting a couple of times, he opened the bonnet and peered into it. He did something and asked her to start the car.With disbelief she got in and started it to find the car come alive instantly. She said with a big smile

"You seem an expert with cars unlike with files" she giggled and added “Where is your vehicle?"

"I came by a cab as my car has gone for service. I was looking for a friend here"

"I can drop you. Get in" she said as she opened the front door. She asked "Where do you live? Married?"

"South Extension. No, I am single"

"Good, I am in Lajpatnagar"

"Why good?" he looked at her questioningly. She was beautiful..

She was silent for a while."Nothing, your place is on my way" she said with a sheepish smile.

The next day she was waiting anxiously for the call from the board room when her file came up for discussion. It was already 12 noon. She was fully prepared on the subject and wished to impress the board. In a short while she was called.

When she went in there were about nine directors seated on the oval mahogany table with other officials seated on chairs lined across the wall.

"Welcome, Miss Uma.We have discussed your report. Our new Director (finance) needs some clarifications. He will be here presently" said the MD.

It was then she saw Kumar emerging from the toilet in the corner and coming towards her." How do you do, Miss Uma?" he asked as he sat by the side of MD.

It was then Uma realized her blunder the day before and started perspiring in her seat on the side.

"Please come forward to the table and take your seat. I am greatly impressed with the way the issue has been analyzed and the final suggestion made." He added with a grin on his face "It was easy to flip through the file as the pages were numbered and flagged". He then sought some clarification and when given, he said that he looked forward to work with her.

Around 5.30 in the evening she entered Kumar’s cabin when she knew he was alone and said “My profound apologies for my rude behavior yesterday. I mistook you for a junior executive in the department. I am never like that. Kindly forgive me.”

“Don’t worry. It is all forgotten. I knew that you mistook me for someone and I just played along. Yesterday I was in fact narrating the incident to my mom. She was greatly amused and said “I wish to see that daring girl who is going to work with you. Can you bring her along with you today?” He added ‘If it is ok by you, my driver can bring your car and we can go together to my home for a few minutes” He added “Would you mind accompanying me as I had assured my mom”

Uma felt that there was something more than what met the eye behind this request but could not ignore the butterflies fluttering in her stomach.


  1. So, was it his way of testing her? By carrying the file to her room?

  2. KP I missed reading your stories and had started digging out the archives. This one is so good too :) all happy happy and filmi :)

  3. Wonderful story with love and romance in the end ! Happy Independence Day !

  4. LOL. But somehow it reminded me of Munnabhai's (from the Lage Raho sequel) - judge a person by the way he behaves with his juniors. If Munnabhai or Gandhi had been around, Kumar might have refused her! But nonetheless well scripted and narrated :) Short and sweet and fultoo filmy!

  5. Yes, it is very filmy and I enjoyed reading it!

  6. gr8 to see you back :-))
    A nice feel-good story!

  7. A good one KP after a long break. Really missed your stories! Taming of the shrew??? Well Narrated.

  8. I guess you had a similar story line on your post sometime ago.
    Rudeness, I think the lady must understand is something that cannot be thrown at superiors and bosses. The trait must be avoided even when dealing with subordinates.

  9. I hope i dont behave like that with my juniors ..

    good story and welcome back :)


  10. An encounter?!
    Well, I would have gone for ‘Jab we met’! haha…
    after all this is such a hilarious piece…
    liked the flow …

  11. so cute ..... :-)

    Keep giving us more - feel good - stories....

  12. Was missing your posts.. very filmi, not my type, but your narration makes me read it to the end :-)

  13. Really nice. Filmy yet have lot of substance. :)

  14. Really nice. Filmy yet have lot of substance :)

  15. Another interesting story..Good one.

  16. Nice story after a long gap, KP. Refreshing and romantic:)))

  17. hahhaha...liked the title :) nice story

  18. i like the feel-good factor in this story... :) always a treat!

  19. This plot seems familiar to another story you posted a while back. But your narration is impeccable and it is always a treat to read the stories.