Sunday, November 25, 2012


It is more than three years since I had seen my dad. He is still at the same house where I grew and lived till my marriage. Having lost my mom at a young age, he was everything to me, both mom and dad. I am the only child born late to my parents. He did not marry again. He showered his affection and pampered me meeting every wish of mine. I did not miss my mother much as a result. He put me in the best school and would remain awake in the night till I completed my study. He would make tea for me when I studied till the wee hours of the morning and get up early to make my breakfast and lunch.
When I went to college, he bought me a scooter and encouraged me to choose the discipline that I liked even when it was not popular. He instilled in me the confidence to stand by my conviction. When I finished my college and post graduate degree in journalism, his joy knew no bounds.
After I joined a newspaper, he said one day "Lakshmi, I am getting old. I would like to see you married. I am getting proposals from different quarters."
"Daddy, it is good you broached the subject. In fact I wanted to tell you but was feeling hesitant as I did not know how you would react. I am in love with a man who studied with me in the college. He is well employed and comes from a good family but belongs to a different religion. Please allow me to marry him. I cannot think of anyone else in his place" I said
For the first time in my life I saw him explode in rage as he shouted at me" You ungrateful brat, is this what you do to me after all the sacrifice of mine for your well being? I will not permit you. If you still marry him, you are no more my daughter nor am I your daddy. You make up your mind whether you want me or not"
I did not pursue the matter immediately as the vague parental misgiving needed to be handled gently and gave time for his anger to subside. After a week I tried to reason with him but in vain. When he was adamant even after two months, I steeled myself and walked out of the house. I soon got married to my lover and had a child too. I tried after sometime to reach him but my dad neither welcomed nor visited me. I sent him letters that were unanswered.
His birthday was approaching. I had heard from a neighbor of his that he had not been keeping well. May be due to this, I had a bad dream that he was very sick and that he wished to see me. When I got up in the morning, my desire to meet him was overpowering. My husband suggested that we all go and meet him but I rejected the idea as I was not sure how he would treat my husband.
I decided to go with my little daughter. He was just three hours drive away in a different town. I bought some fruits and sweets and waited for the bus. I was told that the bus from that town was delayed and would take its return journey once it arrived. As I was waiting, I fervently prayed that my dad should accept me and agree to come and live with us. I wished to ensure that his remaining years are spent in comfort and homely atmosphere. But there was a trepidation that he may refuse even to meet me.  I was however determined not to return without making up with him.
The waiting passengers around me stood up getting ready to board as the bus arrived at the bus stand.As I picked up my daughter and the bag waiting for my turn in the line, I saw among the passengers alighting, a frail figure climbing down. When I saw it was my dad, I was excited beyond words and shouted “Daddy, daddy” He turned towards me and came rushing with a broad smile on his face. I knew that instant he had changed. He snatched my daughter from my hands and showered kisses on her much to her bewilderment and fear.
What brought about this transformation I knew not but I was certain that my prayer was answered as I proudly walked hand in hand with him towards my residence and what will be his too henceforth.



  1. A really nice story. Even though a little late at least the reunion happened. I know of may parents who let their ego prevent them from meeting their children. They do not realize they lose their kids in process. Nice story with a positive ending. Well written!

  2. As always well narrated. All need to let go of their ego, otherwise you will end up losing more than you gain. & of course prayers are always answered.

  3. Good story, KP. Only wish things like this happen only in stories these days. Either the elders are unforgiving or the next gen don't just care about elders...

  4. thats a soothing story...
    somehow it reminded me of the Parable of the Prodigal Son from Bible...

  5. Beautiful story.. wish in reality things are that simple to sort out.

  6. A simple cute story. Loved it :) !!

  7. Loved it KP! Knowing you I was prepared for sad ending but you surprised me! Thank you!

  8. Dear Partha,
    A Wonderful Morning !Today Is Thrukarthika and Pournami.
    I loved your story with the happy ending.
    It's so nice to read your beautiful story,this auspicious morning.
    You're Blessed,Partha !
    Have a Great Day !

  9. very heart touching every girl is daddys little angle :)

  10. I was just praying that she was not too late to meet him, glad they came together again. In life,ego hassles make many to lose their parents, the one thing that never should happen, I think nothing else is worthy than taking care of old parents.