Thursday, April 18, 2013

Happy birthday

Mathew, Mat for short, had gone to collect a large birthday cake from the confectioners. He saw a nine year old boy staring at the shelves inside through the glass door. As he came out after collecting the cake, he saw the boy still there watching inside.
"Hey, what are you looking at for quite some time?"
"Nothing, Sir" he replied
"Come on, tell me. You won't be looking at nothing for such a long time"
The boy hesitated for a while and then said “I was wondering whether I can get a bar of chocolate for my mom. It is her birthday and chocolates are her favourites.But I have only a five rupee coin."
"It is ok.I will get you a bar and also a small cake to celebrate her birthday" Mat said and bought a few bars of chocolates and a medium sized cake."Where do you live? You may drop these packets down. I will take you in my car. Hop in"
The car stopped before a small tenement."Won't you step in for a few minutes, Sir, to see my mom? It is a special day for her made brighter by you" the boy said.
To keep the boy in good humour, he readily agreed and entered the darkish room. The boy switched on the light and there was no one there. It was a single room tenement.
Suspecting the boy had played a ruse on him, Mat asked him “Where is your mom? I don't see anyone here"
“One minute, Sir”. He went to the other side of the room, stood up on a stool and lit a small candle. There was a picture of a young woman. He rubbed the glass with his shirt.”This is my mom. Today is her birthday. Can we open the packets before her and light a candle and sing a birthday song?” he innocently asked.
Mat could not stop his eyes from becoming moist.”Surely, who else is there? What about your dad? Any brother or sister?” he asked
“Dad is gone years even before mom. Mom died a few months before. There is no one else”
“Are you staying alone then? Where do you eat?” he asked with concern
“My dad’s brother lives with his family in the adjacent tenement. But they did not like my mom. I work in cycle repair shop and the master gives me food in the afternoon and some snacks in the evening.’
Mat opened the box and lit the candle on the cake. They both sang Happy Birthday song. He put the cake in boy’s mouth.
“Now, will you come with me to celebrate another birthday at my house and I will drop you back”
The car sped along to a big house. The door was opened by a young lady.”I have brought a young guest for your birthday” he said as he ushered the boy into the hall.
“What is your name, young chap?’ she asked smilingly.
“Hahaha, Bruce Lee? Show me your muscles” she asked
As the boy folded his hand to show a small bulge, she hugged him and kissed on his head.
“Hey Bruce, You be here watching the fish in the tank. We will be in a minute. You must help me set the cake and candles” Mat said
As they went to bed room, Mat told her “This boy is an orphan. I met him accidentally. He looks charming and well behaved. If you like, we can bring him up as our own. Mind you, only if you like. He will provide us a meaning and purpose to our lives.”
Bruce was in hilarious mood to the glee of the couple as he danced and sang to celebrate his two moms’ birthday on the same day.


  1. A simple story of warmth & affection. We really dont get people like the Mathews these days.

  2. I was waiting for a twist in the tale! Simple story. As Krupaa says, we don't see people like him anymore. We are suspicious of everyone!

  3. :) I actually thought the little boy was fooling him and he will take all his money and run away. I am happy he was honest and he found a family :)

  4. It is a nice story,, but hope life gets this easy to show compassion.. Too many constraints I guess.

  5. wow very very nice one :) loved it KP Adoption is such a great thing and really needs a broad mindset and a big heart for it.

  6. Dear Partha,
    Hats off to you !
    My eyes were moist reading the story. How much goodness remains in your heart ! What A Wonderful Humanbeing You Are !
    I'm far away,Partha !Orelse I would have reached you with a yummy Birthday Caking singing Happy Birthday Song !:)
    It's a pleasure visiting your blog.
    Keep Rocking !

  7. Good story..Only if people like Mathew existed in real life..our society would be much better

  8. So sweetly ended.
    A happy story, thanks for this!

  9. If only life's decisions were as simple as that...

    Nice story telling KP!

  10. Wish every Orphan could meet a benefactor like Mat and his wife!

  11. Beautiful story and such a lovely ending. Warmed my heart!

  12. Touching. Wish every helpless child met such kind hearted people.