Monday, June 10, 2013

A risky act of compassion

Vijay had lost his job in a travel agency three months back and he was yet to get a new one. He had spent all his meager savings and was practically starving. The rent for his room was in arrears and he was afraid of a notice to vacate. The day time he roamed around various offices seeking for any job. His evenings were spent in the local big temple ostensibly to pray but actually hoping for some prasad that would fill his stomach He got something or the other many days.
That day was a festival day and the temple was heavily crowded. Nothing was available to eat and his stomach was gnawing with hunger. He felt his pocket and he had just 10 rupees in coins but he did not want to spend it. He went near the place where the coconuts were broken to propitiate god. He was shy of competing with poor urchins in ragged clothes to pick up the broken pieces. There was a virtual scramble but he was content to pick whatever fell near his feet. When he got three big slices he was relieved that the day’s dinner was taken care of. Someone had given him a plantain.
As he was walking away from the crowd, he saw a young girl of six from affluent family standing alone and crying. He went near her and asked her “Why are you crying? Where are your parents?”
“They are lost and not seen. I want to join them”
“Let us wait for some time. They may come in search of you. Have this coconut piece.”
“No, I don’t want it. I am thirsty. Can you get me that ice candy?”
He felt pity for that girl and unhesitatingly parted with his last ten rupees and fetched her a candy.
As she was happily sucking it, Vijay asked her whether she knew her house. She picked a slip of paper from her pocket and gave him. The parents had the foresight to leave it there. The place was just couple of kilometers away.
“Can I leave you in your house?” he asked. She happily nodded
Vijay was afraid to take the young girl with him what with news papers screaming daily of rapes of young kids. When he approached an elderly auto driver, he looked askance at Vijay in his soiled and crumpled dress with a well-to-do girl. Vijay understood his genuine suspicion and explained the circumstances and his aversion to leave the child alone or with a policeman especially when he had her address.
“Are you looking for a reward?”asked the auto driver.
“Not at all. It is just compassion and fear that girl may come to harm if she were to fall in ruthless hands.”
The auto driver agreed and within next five minutes they were at her house. The door was opened by the girl’s grandmother. Her parents were still trying to trace her. Vijay explained her how she found her and the auto driver corroborated.
“Grandma, this uncle gave me candy” she said with joy
This shocked the old lady and her suspicions about his intention returned again.
Vijay saw the change in her expression and said “The girl said she was very thirsty and I had only ten rupees and that is all that I could buy”
The old lady took the addresses of both Vijay and auto driver before they left
When Vijay came out of the house, he took out his old watch from his wrist and said to the auto driver “This is all I have. Please do not mind accepting it in lieu of fare”
The driver said “Hop in. I will drop at your place. You don’t have to give me anything. I am proud of you”
As the auto reached Vijay’s place, the driver thrust 100 rupees in his pocket and said as he sped away “Return it when you can”


  1. That was an absolute twist.. and it gave me goosebumps.. there are humane people out there and insensitive lots too..

  2. Wish the world was full of such good people, so we can start trust each other once again!

  3. So, the grandmother is the villain, for not having given anything to him? :)

    Destination Infinity

  4. Yet a good one with a great moral. Thank god Vijay did not use the situation to his advantage. Hungry for more KP!

  5. Some people are still there who can recognise good people! Well narrated story!

  6. Good one! Not being able to predict the ending was fun!

  7. In spite of the common perception of many about the state of our world and the people in it right now, there are still wonderful compassionate souls out there shining with their light in their own quiet way. No matter the junk we pile into our hearts, beneath that trash lies the 'basic goodness of man'. God put it there.


  8. Nice read on a rainy Tuesday morning. Hope is never away...

  9. May good people prevail all over.. :)

  10. Lovely story so nice of Vijay n auto driver :) Never seen a auto driver so kind n polite as in this story.

  11. loved the twist at the end :)
    Good people are there.. they are the ones responsible for making this word still a liveable place.

  12. Loved the story KP. A very heartwarming one.

  13. There are good hearts all around us. Nice one KP Sir!

  14. Hello KP,

    I nominated you for an award. Check it out at

  15. Very nice story, loved reading it. You are sch a good writer.

  16. KP, the autodriver is the hero of this piece. Vijay was only the side hero! But I hope he found a job! I felt sorry for him.

  17. There are so many good people out there. Feels happy to read atleast these kind of stories.

  18. What a happy little story this one is! I wish we have more Vijays around us.

  19. Not one but two kind men!
    A very nice story! Hope such people exist!

  20. Nice story.Interesting.'Little act of kindness makes the earth an Eden'.

  21. Blessings and Namaste
    nice can be down on your luck yet rich in compassion and heart.

    well done my friend.
    Stay blessed.