Saturday, February 21, 2015


Inspector Palani stood to attention
“What is the matter, Palani?”asked the superintendent of police
“A strange thing, Sir. People and even vehicles are not using the main road after it gets dark. They use the narrow road that runs parallel to it. There is often bottle neck as two cars cannot travel in that narrow road side by side. There is no platform either for pedestrians. It is a mess, Sir”
“Why are they not using main road. Make the narrow road one way,” said the Superintendent.
“It is haunted, Sir, near the Avin milk booth and it seems the ghost is violent”
“What shit are you blabbering? Aren’t you a man in uniform? Post two constables with patrol car this evening on duty for the night. We can convince people tomorrow, and tell them it is safe, and that policemen would be there daily at nights”
“I did ask two constables. They refuse to go out of fear,” said inspector.
“What crap? Issue them written orders. I want them there tonight. Report to me tomorrow morning,” roared the Superintendent.
The superintendent got a call at 7am.”I am Palani here. An untoward thing has happened. Both the policemen were found dead near Avin booth. There was a big crowd there. I had the two men checked by a local doctor. It seems they died of heart attack,” said the inspector
“My god! Send them immediately to hospital for postmortem. Inform the families. I will mention to Commissioner. Meanwhile I will ask two armed commandos to be put there tonight to unravel the mystery,” ordered the Superintendent
At 6 am, the next day, the Superintendent got a call.”Palani again, Sir. Something strange and malevolent has occurred. Both commandos were found dead shot at close range. Some people nearby heard gun shots and rushed there in a group. There were none seen in the vicinity. Even the cigarettes the commandos were smoking were still burning by the side of chairs they were sitting, Sir.”
“What are you telling, man? It is all unbelievable. People will laugh at us. Call the Homicide branch and ask them to have the place thoroughly examined. Have the place cordoned. I will inform the commissioner.
The evening news papers screamed,
Ghost on rampage.
Stunned two policemen to heart attack
Last night two commandos were spurred presumably to shoot at each other.
Police clueless”

In the evening, the Superintendent told Palani,” I could not talk to Commissioner as he is out of station. I have decided to go myself and investigate. I do not wish to send others.”
“Sir, can I go with a couple of policemen/”asked Palani
“No, I do not want to risk sending or taking anyone without personally checking. Do not fear. I don't believe in ghosts, and can unravel the mystery. I will have a CCTV camera fixed there tomorrow.”
At 4 am next morning Palani’s mobile rang. It was from Superintendent’s wife.”Mr. Palani, My husband went out in the evening and is not answering my calls to his mobile after 12 midnight. Can you please check immediately and tell me? I am greatly worried.”
Palani rushed to the spot. He found the road deserted. It was past 4.30 am. When he reached the Avin booth, he was shocked to see the Superintendent squatting on the ground in bare body tearing his shirt, filling his cap with mud and laughing hysterically like a mad man.
“Sir, please get up. What are you doing? Why have you removed the shirt? Are you OK, Sir?” Palani said with concern and shock as he gently lifted him.
“He he he, I have arrested the ghost. Commissioner will be happy” he said looking at no direction in particular even as he jumped up and down in a frenzied laughter.
Palani looked nervously at the mental wreck before him, when it dawned on him that the problem had assumed ominous proportions. May be, it falls in the domain of a tantric, he thought.
It was then he heard a shuffling noise behind him.Startled,he turned back slowly  trembling in fear with his heart pounding feverishly, a cold tingle passing through the  entire body, and nausea rising from the pit of his stomach..Lo! It was the milk-booth guy who had come to receive the Avin truck expected anytime with crates of milk! It was still dark.
Gaining composure Palani lit a cigarette to inhale the warm smoke, and decided to find a tantric before evening.
It was then he saw two headlights of possibly Avin truck approaching. He turned to see the waiting guy who was watching Palani with amused interest. The inspector noticed for the first time that the guy had disproportionately large heels, long hands, and a face that was grotesque and creepy. Palani fainted on the spot.



  1. Reminds me of many things. More prominently a short story by the great Mr. Satyajit Ray..."Anath Babur Bhoy". Literally meaning Anath Babu's fear wherein Anath Babu takes up the challenge of spending a night in a haunted house and the revelation the morning after.

    Strangely it also reminds me of one of my early blogs, the link is given below :

  2. I was totally into it. You should write an end to the mystery too..

  3. I am confused too but a gripping tale. Please do unravel the mystery

  4. Good one. The suspense was good, but the ending could have been more dramatic and frightening, like the rest of the story.

    Destination Infinity

  5. The narration was too good! I had stopped breathing! I was expecting a twist in the tale!

  6. As always good narration. now write the second part to it. I am sure u dont believe in ghosts.

  7. As always great narration. Now when is the second part being posted. I am sure u dont believe in ghosts

  8. Oh my god this is so scary!!! I am glad that I had not read it in the evening.

  9. Amma! i was scared. You certainly know how to keep people on the edge.

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  11. Slightly disappointing because I was expecting a real ghost. :)
    Great narration.

  12. Even the Police Chief is susceptible to the most powerful emotion of Man - Fear !
    Ha..ha... You have mesmerized us with this gripping tale .

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    Makes me wonder if ghosts really exist?!

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    good one. You left it for us to interpret..

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