Sunday, January 10, 2016

My interstellar voyage

Ms.Sunita Sriram
"My odyssey to blogosphere began in 2007, a lift off with a external thrust from a buddy who was always abreast with the latest and trending stuff. The usual chat revolved around everything; from the humdrum to buzz to scandals and slander and the word weblog was briefly referred to somewhere in the course of the jabbering, maybe like a footnote which went like this…”Suni, that is the trend these days with people globally, becoming interactive through their blog posts, I have started my page with blogspot and so could you as you have a passion to write.” My thoughts were channelized to the last few words that she uttered about the zest part and that ignited my curiosity! All other chores were put on the back burner and I jumped on the bandwagon and soon I was in the saddle raring to go. And that was the genesis of after a glorious period of four uncertain years........(read here)......"
Ms.Sunita in her post explains, to use her own words, how her blog expedition renewed like NASA’s Interstellar voyager mission, slowly but steadily, enabled her to explore the cornucopia of Wordsmiths and proceeds to  detail some of the blogs that had impressed her.
I was initially hesitant to post this exploration post of hers in my blog as she had included my blog in the chosen list  but overcame my shyness partly in deference to her wishes that I reblog hers.I was also impelled by my desire that my readers should read and profit by the few excellent blogs she has introduced to us. Please watch out for more as she has assured that this exploration would be continuing. More than all these,I wish to tell you that her own two blogs  are a delight to follow. regularly.
An engineering and a management graduate, she has her hands full of work and I wonder how she finds the time to blog and also visit many blogs.


  1. Thankyou KP have added value to my blogs
    My sole intention of a request for reblog was to let the world know of literary luminaries and yes there is a selfish intent of people making a chance discovery of my blog too ...alike a meteor or asteroid..( psst a mktg gimmick which they did not teach at business school!)

  2. KP, love the way she wrote about you, each word holds true in every aspect. I have similar thoughts with respect to your work, but I can not write so well:-) But you must know that there are several of your readers that are in awe of your talent and zest.Keep rocking!

  3. She has drawn a real portrait of yours here.I too bear the same opinion.

  4. Went over and read Ms Sunita's post and she has rightly given you the credit you deserve :-)

  5. I am happy that you shared it here... Her true words made me nod... nod...

    Happy writing GP :)

  6. I don't know how I missed this post. I was busy with a wedding in the family and tours. Good to know Sunita Sriram. Following her now! What she wrote about you is our thoughts too! You are an inspiration for all!