Monday, August 8, 2016

A bid to abort a suicide

Amit had just graduated from his old motorbike to a small car. To be precise, he bought a Maruti Zen from a used car dealer two days back for a price that was affordable and reasonable. He had taken a mechanic who certified to its good condition. He had the seat covers replaced and took the car out for the first time with much pride for going to his office.
As he sat in the car and opened the glove compartment to keep some packet, he chanced upon an envelope that remained stuck at the top of the box. He had failed to locate it earlier when he examined the glove compartments. The envelope was addressed in a female hand writing ‘To whomsoever concerned’ in big and bold letters. It was not closed by paste or cello tape. Out of curiosity, he pulled out the sheet and started reading. There was initially a frown that turned into a worry with beads of sweat on his forehead. He switched on the air conditioner.
With no intention to keep you in the dark, the letter read thus:
Dear Vikram,
When you get to know about my fate, I would be lying bundled in a white sheet along with many other dead bodies in the icy cold mortuary of a hospital, most likely the one close to my apartment. The doctors would have pronounced me dead on arrival and a postmortem would have indicated overdose of sleeping tablets as the cause. I know the body would be claimed by none and least by you
I am forced to take my life out after all my pleas to you to marry me, with an unborn child in my womb through you, fell on your deaf ears. You forgot your repeated promises to marry me within a year of our moving together in your ramshackle room. We have lived together for two years even as you were searching for a job that had always eluded you. I am not saying you lived off me but the fact is you had no income of your own except what I gave you and what you took from mine without my knowledge.
When you drove me out of your room, I could surmise you must have acquired a richer but dumber catch than me and most probably moved into her place. It was a tough decision for me to take the life of an innocent unborn child along with mine but I had no option as I have none worth calling my own.
Beware, I will not let you go scot free for the treachery you committed and will leave enough leads for law enforcers to get you to justice.
I sold my car and my flat three days back to leave the proceeds to a destitute women’s home. This took some time. I am not complaining to police beforehand lest they prevent me from the contemplated step. But I have devised means for the authorities to find their way to you soon when you least expect them. I intend to take my life this Thursday night
I hate you from the bottom of my heart and my soul would rest in peace only when you are condemned to lifelong cell.
Amit did not waste a minute as the day was the said Thursday. He thought if only he could reach the woman in time, he can save her life. He rushed to the used car depot to find to his great luck the owner. Without mincing words, he explained the gravity of the matter and gave the letter to the owner.
He read it carefully and said, “I don’t think the woman who sold the car a few days back appeared depressed. She was smiling and bargained hard to get a good price. There is something wrong here.”
“No, she might have tried to get more money for the destitute home. That is not a valid reason. Again why reveal her troubles to strangers? I think it is better to meet her and hand over the letter to her. If she seems suicidal in tendency, we must do something to save her life,” Amit implored.
“I agree this needs to be explored quickly. I will give her address. It is good not to give a ring as it may alert her. I cannot leave the depot as no one else is here. Please hurry up. If you need my help, do give me a ring. The workmen would have come by then,” he said,
As Amit rang the bell of the apartment, there was no response. He put his ears on the door to see if there is any movement inside. Luckily he heard soft film music giving him hopes of finding her. The name board indicated Kokila assuring he had not come to a wrong apartment. He pressed the bell long and repeatedly. When he put his ear on the door, he heard a faint voice, “Please wait. I am having shower.”
In a few minutes, the door opened and he found a tall, young and beautiful woman clad in bright colored sari and drying her hair with a towel. She had a smiling face as she said, “Sorry, I made you wait. I haven’t met you earlier. What is it you want?”
“I am Amit. I bought your Maruti Zen,” he said as she interrupted him telling, “I have already sold the car. Any complaint you have, you must talk to the depot chap.”
“No, I have no complaint about the car but chanced to see your letter in the glovebox of the car. It was an unusual and serious letter and I wished to waste no time. I took off from my office, went to depot and got your address. I came to dissuade you from any rash step. If you permit, I can discuss with you in your drawing hall,” he said giving her his card and the letter.
“I am extremely sorry for lacking in common civilities. Please come in and be seated,” she said as she also sat beside him opening the letter and reading it. After reading a few lines she burst into uncontrollable laughter holding her sides unable to restrain.
After it subsided, she said “There is nothing to panic or worry. I am Kokila no doubt and in the most cheerful mood. I have no intention of taking my life out now or ever especially when I have not lived it fully. Banish the thought of any suicide by me. What are you Amit? I am really touched by your deep concern for a stranger’s life. We rarely come across such type.”
“Tell me first about the letter and why you wrote it,” asked Amit sort of unconvinced with her bonhomie.
“Okay, I will tell you. It is part of a script for our office drama we are planning to enact where the characters have their own real names. This is amenable to verification, if you do not trust me. That Vikram is my boss, a decent and happily married guy with two children,” she said with a large smile. She continued “We really need to celebrate your genuine effort by having your breakfast with me now. It is Spartan though with fluffy idlies and chutney along with a large glass of orange juice. We can then head to our respective offices. Incidentally I bought a new medium sized car and I will show it to you when we get down,” she said proffering her hands to shake.
He took them with alacrity even as Cupid got busy.


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