Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Pavitra perplexed

“How is he doing?” Pavitra heard from behind as she was busy changing the IV fluid after observing the vital signs from the various monitors.
“One moment doctor,” she replied as she checked whether the fluid was flowing properly. “He is stable and all vital signs are normal, “she said
“Good” said Dr. Mukundan as he took the file from her hand and observed the drowsy patient for a minute. “Continue the same medicines till I review tomorrow,” he said as he moved to the next patient with Pavitra in tow.
It is a small but reputed cardiac care hospital headed by Dr. Mukundan who had earned his stripes by studying and working in a renowned American university and its hospital. He was still young in his early thirties and was considered a leading cardiologist. Pavitra has been working as a nurse for the last five years and only a year back was posted in the critical care ward after some intense training. Ever since she interacted with Dr. Mukundan in the ward at least twice a day.
Being a conscientious, hardworking and intelligent nurse with gentle and soft spoken nature, she had won the confidence and esteem of the doctor. She was the only one amongst the nurses who got an ad hoc increase in pay a few months back triggering a mischievous gossip among the nurses within her ear shot that the doctor had a romantic interest in her.
What crap she thought to herself, but felt inwardly happy though she felt that the relationship with doctor was formal and professional. However, in the nights while on bed, she could not resist thinking of him, his tall physique, handsome face and friendly demeanour. She even started wondering whether there could be a truth in the gossip as otherwise why she should be singled out for a raise in salary. But, she was quick to smother such thoughts when she remembered her family of mother and younger brother in college dependent wholly on her salary and that marriage was out of question till her brother completed his education and got a job. She was nearing thirty but still looked young with a very charming face and lissome figure.
A week later as Dr. Mukundan was leaving the ward, he asked Pavitra to follow him with a couple of files. This was the first time he was asking her to see him in his room. Could it be he wants to express his feelings, she wondered setting butterflies flutter in her stomach. Her cheeks turned red as she hurried behind him with a couple of patients’ files.
“Sit down Pavitra. I have been wanting to talk to you in private for some time Let me first tell you that I am highly satisfied with you. As a nurse you have an admirable combination of knowledge of your work your functions in the ward, nursing skills, right attitudes, and the noble values of treating your work as a service. The feedback from patients has been good. I am very fortunate to have you in my team and wish to take it forward to a personal level. I know you have a mother and brother in college and how much your salary means to the family. I have spoken about you to my mom and she would like to meet you. Can I pick you up at 5pm tomorrow?  Wear a good sari,” he said with a smile.
That night she could hardly sleep. She did not breathe a word to her mom and waited to see further development She started thinking that this could be a prelude to happy events to follow.
He came at the appointed time and took her in his car to his palatial house. As she entered, she saw an old lady with kindly eyes seated on a wheel chair. The lady smiled at Pavitra and beckoned her by name to come near her. She said “Just as Mukund told me, you look really beautiful and I have taken an instant liking for you.”
Embarrassed Pavitra looked at Mukund who intervened to say” Pavitra, you see my mother is an invalid. She needs someone to assist her and provide her company when I am not there. I know how efficient you are and decided to bring you here.” He paused to see her reaction.
This was a hammer blow to Pavitra crashing all her dreams. Her anger and frustration grew inside her as she felt cheated. When she stood dazed without replying, Mukund prodded her “Do you have any objection to being a companion to my mom? Be assured that you will find this role much more rewarding and comfortable than your present job.”
Pavitra did not know what to say to this unexpected development but realized he was cunning. She wished to run away from this treacherous man. She put her handkerchief to her mouth   and turned towards the door to hide her tears.
Mukund’s mom who was watching all the time with a grin quickly intervened to say “Stop joking, Mukund, why do you find pleasure in teasing her and playing with her emotions? She must have grown lot of her dreams. Do not ever shatter them even in jest.”
She drew Pavitra close to her and said “He is always playful. He wants you to come here as my daughter-in-law and give me your good company. You can still be associated with the hospital.Do not worry about me as I have many servants to take care of me. Ever since he set his eyes on you in the clinic, he has fallen flat for you. Would you please agree to marry him? I will talk to your amma and do the needful. They would be fully taken care of. Have no worry on that score”
When she saw Mukund watching her eagerly, she put her head shyly down and started scratching the ground with her toe.


  1. Glad you made sure her expectations were met finally! But I think usually girls wouldn't like to meet mothers first without knowing the reason 😃

  2. A really well narrated simple story and characters well depicted. A nice light way to start your day.

  3. Beautiful as usual! I always like happy ending ;)

  4. Cute...But I wonder why always girls are supposed to be shy and coy and scratch the floor with their toe. I mean they can always say yes, can't they

  5. Sweet romantic story! Many times when we start desiring something and weaving dreams of obtaining it we stop thinking logically. A logical girl would probably not have gone to meet the mother, but her wishful thinking prevented a more reasonable thinking and in the end gave her what her heart desired. I am glad it had a happy ending. Nicely written!

  6. While the story was the usual cute romantic tale, Sir, you did manage to give it a twist. For a moment, we too were stunned when the Doc coolly asked Pavitra to work at home as his mother's nurse. While Pavitra was perplexed, we were apoplectic :-)
    Good one !!

  7. Sweet soft romance , subtly etched out

  8. Beautiful! I thot it would end on a bad note but nope i loved it. This is how all love stories should end. :D

  9. Sweet soft romance and subtle. Well narrated.