Thursday, January 18, 2018

55 word fiction

1.      1. Strange feeling
The lone beggar boy outside temple was startled at the continuous tinkle of coins in his bowl. Some generous man, he gratefully thought. There were 20 coins. Elated he crossed the road and put one coin in each bowl of the beggars squatting outside the church. Strange feeling, he felt, in giving instead of receiving.
2.      2. What did I tell you?
Alzheimer is in my family line. I keep it at bay by playing constantly Sudoku, Mahjong and mind games Strangely very few come to me to chat in my crowded colony. My daughter forgets my morning coffee and when reminded says I had already drunk. What did I tell you? You seem to be forgetting.
3.      3. Strange kid
I gave to the boy 20 rupee note for 18 rupees for tender coconut.
Returning two rupees taken from adjacent blind woman’s bowl, he said,” I am no beggar to take extra.”
Strange kid!  “Who is she?”
“My mom.”
“But she seems begging?”
“What if? She is blind and begs while I am physically fit.”
4.      4. The company
It was raining heavily and I was looking for shelter.
A man stood drenching outside a desolate house.
“Afraid of getting in? Seems haunted. We can keep company,” I said extending my hand.
Shaken by icy grip, I froze in fear as I saw in lightning flash his eerie smile on his hollow cavernous mouth
5.      5. Threat call
Continuous ring
Fix your funeral for tonight
What crap? Who are you?
You squealed. Boss did not like your article.
What article?
You know, you ungrateful wretch,
I did not write any. Who is your target?
You Joseph
I am telephone mechanic at junction box. What number you want?
Sorry wrong number.
 6. The invention
I met in bazaar my scientist friend. He was ecstatic.
“You seem very happy.”
“Yes, no more thirst for humans. I have found a pill.”
“Awesome!! Is it affordable?”
“Dirt cheap. Waiting for patent. I will become stinking rich!
“Production commenced. Commercial in two months.”
The Bisleri water bottle in his hand seemed odd.


  1. Interesting story styles. Each one has something to ponder about. Good ones !

  2. Really good ones. Each differently woven. Great 55 s after a long time. I liked 4 and 2 best

  3. Nice variety of stories. Each is unique and makes us thoughtful

  4. All good ones but my personal favourites- 1 and 4. Vasudha

  5. Loved all the stories....favourites: 1 & 3!

  6. Beautifully written. Loved each one of them.

  7. Beautiful collection of Fiction 55.

  8. :) the bisleri bottle in hand made me SMILE :)

    loved all of them shirt and sweet ..

    and yes the First one.. the pleasure in giving is always more than Taking :)


  9. Ha ha ha 🙂😉

    Enjoyed! Thank you!

    Best regards
    Hemantha Kumar Pamarthy

  10. Cute little ones with your inimitable stamp!

  11. Not very easy to write such short stories, but you seem to have mastered the art!

  12. Blessings and Namaste......
    I hope you are well in mind, body and spirit.
    Thank you for the journey of narrations. i enjoyed them.

    stay blessed.

  13. KP, as Radha has commented here... you certainly have mastered the art. Kudos! Write more. I want to read more.

    Have a great day. God bless you.

  14. Interesting tiny pieces of thoughts. I liked Strange Feeling and The Company.

  15. Loved2&4.cute ones