Tuesday, August 13, 2019

The second chance

It was getting dark and the sky was overcast. The crowd had thinned out in the park and the children playing on the slides and swings had also gone back to their homes. The park was almost empty. When he felt a drop of water fall on his face, Sadasivam too decided to leave. As he was walking back slowly on the long bridge over the river to reach his area, he saw a young boy a little away standing at the edge of the bridge holding its railings on hand. The boy stood motionless with his eyes fixed on the vast space of water moving slowly beneath. Sadasivam felt it odd for a young boy of about 15 to be standing alone gazing at the water below at this hour. He knew the river was deep there. He suspected the boy’s intentions may not be good and hurried his pace towards him.
When he went close to the boy, he looked at him vacantly possibly waiting for him to pass leaving him alone again. But Sadasivam had no mind to do that.
“Why are you standing here alone when it is dark and about to rain?” he asked the boy.
The boy did not respond but turned his face towards the river.
“Haven’t you heard me? Why are you here? Go back home before it rains. Is your home nearby?”
“Leave me alone, Sir, I beg of you,” he mumbled. It was then Sadasivam noticed his swollen eyes and surmised he must have been crying. It did not take long for him to figure out that the boy must have failed in the annual examination and afraid to go home.
I will not pry much into your affairs but have no intention to leave you here alone. You can come to my home which is very close by, eat something and share your problem. We can discuss and find ways to resolve it. I will help you. I am living alone with my wife and servant in a big house. You can stay for the night if you wish to and decide what should be done next. If you still want to go to the bridge, I cannot prevent you but I may alert the police. But right now you are coming with me,” Sadasivam said with finality.
The boy then started crying inconsolably. Sadasivam put his hands on his shoulder and led him home without talking much.
“I have brought a young guest home. I found him standing on the bridge alone. He will stay here tonight with us as we have some important matter to discuss after dinner when you can also be present. Can you give him some fruit juice before he freshens himself up?” Sadasivam said explaining to his wife about the  boy’s presence.
“What is your name?” she asked when she handed over the chilled orange juice.
With his head hung low, the boy mumbled,” Vedagiri”.”
When she heard the name, she was startled and kept silent for a moment. With a twinge of sadness and  much affection, she said, “I like the name and it is my favourite,” even as she started wiping her eyes with her sari.
Meanwhile Sadasivam handed him a towel and asked him to have a quick wash and come to dining table
As they sat down comfortably after dinner on the sofa with Vedagiri by the side of aunty, Sadasivam prodded him to tell his story truthfully without any fear. As the boy was perspiring, aunty switched on the AC.
“Tell me first about your parents, siblings if any, where you live and then proceed with your account of today’s happenings,” said Sadasivam in casual tone.
“We are a poor family. My father Sundaresan works as a cook for marriages and such like occasions. The income is not enough. He will be away for four or five days in a week and come for one or two days only to go back. My mother manages with limited income. I have a sister two years younger to me and studying in class 7 in the government school. I have also a brother who is just 8 years and in class two. We are living in a small portion adjacent to perumal kovil (temple),” and paused awaiting their reaction.
“Good, tell me now what all happened since morning and why you were standing near the bridge. I can tolerate anything but a lie. Speak truthfully I warn you,” Sadasivam said in an admonishing tone.
Aunty intervened to tell her husband, “Please do not threaten the child. He looks scared already,” and turning to the boy said affectionately,” Vedagiri, do not be afraid but tell uncle in your own way what all had happened.”
“Okay aunty. The results were out today and I failed for the second time in class 8.I got fair marks in all subjects except mathematics. Previous year too I failed in the same subject. Last year the teacher suggested that I take tuition from him but how can we afford it? The school will not keep boys who have failed twice in same class. I am terribly ashamed and feel bad to face my parents. My father would be shattered by the news as he pinned all his hopes on me. I did not know what to do. I came to the river with a crazy idea but got afraid of the deep water. I did not know what to do as my mind was blank. It was then luckily uncle came and took me away from the spot.,” he stopped as he broke down into sobs.
“Do you have any interest in extracurricular activities like sports, music or anything else,” Sadasivam asked.
“I have not participated in sports as I wished to return home quickly to help my mother. I fetch water daily in the evenings from public tap. I like Carnatic music but have not learnt.” he said.
“There is nothing serious to worry about. With good tuition for a year, you can top the class. We have no child and we are alone. If aunt agrees, you can stay with us permanently. I will engage best teachers to coach you. I will take care of your entire education till you reach post graduate level but on one condition,” he stopped looking at the face of the boy.
Vedagiri looked at him anxiously unable to guess the condition uncle was talking about. He turned to see aunty simply smiling.
Sadasivam laughed and told, “Vedagiri, do not be afraid. I will talk to your parents first and then let you know. Tell me now whether you are comfortable with us and like the surroundings here. If you give me any contact number, I will convey the message to your parents that you are safe with us and that you would return tomorrow.”
“I like the place very much, uncle. It is so spacious and bright and I have never tasted the kind of food served by aunty. The house is very big and posh looking like a palace to me as I am accustomed to live only in a dark single room tenement with broken floor and dim light,” Vedagiri said with a smile.
Aunty drew him close and hugged him to say,” The way you speak is exactly like our Vedagiri,” putting the boy again into confusion.
Uncle cleared it saying, “We had a son of your age by same name but he is no more. Come with me and I will show your room,” and took him away hurriedly.
The next day when Sadasivam went to drop the boy, his father was also luckily there. After the initial pleasantries, Sadasivam told him about how he met the boy and how he persuaded him to come to his home and how much of instant liking his wife and himself took for the boy.
Vedagiri unexpectedly interrupted to say,” Appa, uncle had a son of my age with the same name but he is no more.”
“It is true I had a son of his age. It was all my fault. The boy was not doing well in his class and failed once. Busy as I was in making my company prosper I neglected to pay attention to his progress in studies. I should have discussed with his teachers and engaged a tutor but I was all the time touring across the country and outside in my race for wealth.My wife was also fully busy in taking care of office administration.Both of us were naive in not realizing the gravity of the situation till it was too late.The boy was also not fully open about what was happening at school.
Being a highly sensitive boy, he could not bear the indifference of his class mates and taunts of the teacher and suffered in silence till one day he committed suicide putting us into immense grief. I lost all interest in business but running the company for the welfare of the employees. My wife unable to bear the grief became dazed and silent.
Luckily your son Vedagiri appeared for us and I could see a streak of smile and joy in her face. We wish to make amends for our mistake by making your son reach top of the class and succeed in life. I will talk to a friend of mine who is the correspondent of a well known private school and get him admitted provisionally in class 9 without loss of a year.
I am sure the boy’s presence would bring some life and joy to my home and our lonely existence. Pray do not think I am selfish. If you are agreeable you can be in charge of the canteen of my company and only supervise its efficient running. No hard work and all in air conditioned atmosphere. The salary would be good. You can move into our outhouse that served earlier as a guest house. That way Vedagiri would not be missed by you. I will also meet all the expenses of the education of your other children. I will get them admitted in the same school. I will employ a music teacher to coach Vedagiri and his sister. God has given me abundant wealth. I would implore you kindly to agree.”
Both Sundaresan and his wife fell at his feet and expressed their gratitude, “Our life has been one of utter penury thus far and we have not been able to feed and clothe the children properly. We regard you as god come in human form in answer to our prayers. We will make no claim on Vedagiri as we are interested only in his wellbeing. You have saved him from the jaws of death and you are rightfully his father. While I am beholden to you for what you intend to do for Vedagiri, we will be in eternal debt of gratitude for what you do to me and my family. We both fully agree to abide by your wishes. Anytime you find our presence inconvenient. we will move to some other place.”
“That would not be necessary. All of you come with me now to convey the good news to my anxious wife. Besides Vedagiri, your wife also would give company to my wife. Tell me when I can arrange movers and packers for shifting into the outhouse soonest?” concluded Sadasivam.


  1. A lovely story with great narration. Being more than just compassionate is what makes a person. Very noble of Sadasivam

  2. A good, well-meaning story. Hope all wishes of both the families are fulfilled. Good to read happy stories. Thank you, KP!

  3. A ‘feel good’ story!

  4. A fairy tale with a sweet ending. Love your attention to details.

  5. A very nice story to reflect the human kindness. You spread positive vibes, Periappa
    Keep writing !

    With Warm wishes ,
    Chitra Solomon

  6. A very nice story to reflect the human kindness. You spread positive vibes, Periappa
    Keep writing !

    With Warm wishes ,
    Chitra Solomon

  7. Simple and good to read. It's important to take second chances in life!

  8. Nice story. But I have a question. When Sadasivam was running around making his company prosper and neglecting his son, what was his wife doing? Why she did not take interest in her son's education? Would have been better if you had written an excuse for her.

  9. A touching and compassionate story. You never know where you will find comfort and opportunity. Sadasivam and his wife find some solace from the situation. Many times parents fail to see their children being in trouble Until too late. Whether denial or ignorance it is sad that it happens in many families. Hind sight being 20/20 this is probably why Sadasivam could see the boy’s despair. What an apt title. Truly a second chance for all- Vedagiri, Sadasivam and Vedagiri’s family. This story brightens your day filling it with hope that there are people like Sadasivam around. Beautiful story.

  10. Looks like vedagiri reborn for the sake of Sadasivam and his wife.. A very touching story with all the minuscule details in place, a perfect blend of despair, hope and compassion intricately woven together in this story.
    Hope it is a happily ever after story! 😍

  11. Happy story with nice ending.. Was waiting for the usual twist in the end but it Was sweetness throughout..


  12. Life does not always give us a second chance. If you ever get a second chance in life , you've got to go all the way and grab it ! Beautiful told !

  13. Lovely story! Very heart-warming; but an interesting sequel could be how the actual mother of the (alive) Vedagiri takes to the new arrangement. Will it be possible for her to maintain mental distance (though physically proximate) with her son? Looking forward to one more story to answer this!

  14. A thoroughly beautiful story. Children of Vedagiri's age usually are sensitive and fragile. Their age make them dream of all the very best things of life for themselves and their families, irrespective of their socio-economic condition. They dream of only love, success and bright future amidst every odd that life presents to them. Yet, when they get the face of failure and rejection and get initial blows from life, they fall shattered and take extreme steps like suicide, for instance in case of both the boys in the story. Parents like Sadasivam and his wife who treat children in a taken for granted way and neglect them for career and ambition issues, regret latter in life. Poor Vedagiri's parents imposed too much expectations from him, this is the reason his mental pressure turned into repeated failure and frustration. It's a rare but wonderful thing that depressed Vedagiri got a real opportunity to better up his future through Sadasivam and his wife. I like the way the story has been narrated by the esteemed author.

  15. Important that parents spend time with their children and convince them that marks are not everything in life. As I look at people around me, I realize that classmates who dropped out in tenth standard and focused on setting up a grocery shop or took up driving autos are leading a more peaceful and contented life then those who chose to enter the corporate rat-race. A good story again sir :)

  16. Lovely story illustrating kindness, humanity and compassion. They were really lucky to get a second chance.

  17. That's some consolation for Sadasivam, and opportunity for him to make amends for what he thinks are his mistakes.
    Just wondering if Sadasivam would have taken the boy home had he not lost his son ...

  18. What a nice story story KP sir. Goes to highlight that children are our most precious assets and require to handled with kindness,care,sensitivity & understanding.