Sunday, June 6, 2021

A happy denouement

It was a Saturday morning. Anand had promised during breakfast his children Rahul and Shreya that he would take them to the beach the next day evening. The two kids jumped in great glee.

The girl asked,” Appa, would you permit us to take a pony ride. My friend Vanita said it is very safe.”

Not to be left behind, Rahul said rather peremptorily,” Appa, I will stand in the water. You can stand by my side if you wish but should not hold my hand.”

Anand laughed and mockingly said, “Your wishes are my commands.”

At the office he had just spoken to his good friend and colleague Sanjana about the Sunday programme with his kids.

“Why don’t you too join us? It would be fun,” he requested her.

“Why not? I would love to play with them. Give me a ring when you start. I would be there at the beach,” she replied enthusiastically.

“I think it would be better if you come home for lunch. I would ask mami to cook for you too. The children would enjoy your company,” he suggested. She readily agreed.

The phone rang. It was Rahul reminding about the beach visit.

” Rahul, I haven’t forgotten. I have already asked Sanjana aunty to join us and she had agreed. Inform Shreya, she will be happy”.

Anand had lost his wife three years ago to a brain tumour. It was tough period managing the children and grieving the void left behind by his wife. The solitude despite the children was too much for him. Though he tried his best to keep the children happy always, yet he could sense the melancholy in their eyes. He had employed full time an elderly mami to cook for them and take care of the children during his absence. She was treated with respect as another member of the family

Mami had made oblique suggestions several times that the children need a mother’s love more than him for companionship. He had not thought of another woman in his wife’s place till he met Sanjana of the same office in a seminar. They were paired for panel discussions providing them opportunities to spend the entire two days together. Anand was no longer the same sullen person. Sanjana was a whiff of fresh air that he longed for in his life. She was also a single. They contrived reasons to meet each other daily on some pretext or the other. Both were soon deeply in love with each other. The kids also liked Sanjana and her easy ways in getting along with them. She invariably brought things to eat and knickknacks. She took particular interest in winning the confidence and heart of the young girl. She used to drop in frequently and helped mami in small ways. Mami knew and was happy what was brewing between Anand and Sanjana and prayed for a happy denouement.

It was Sunday evening and the four of them were walking happily on the sandy beach.

“Rahul and Shreya, take your shoes off and give them to me. It is easy to walk or run without the shoes. Shreya, you also run along with him. Do not go near the water till we come. You two can have pony rides later as the place is crowded.” said Anand.

Shreya lingered and pleaded “Aunty, won’t you please come with me. I am afraid of the waves. Will a Tsunami come? My friend told me it swallowed even people walking on the road.”

Sanjana told her “Do not be afraid. The waves will not come near you as you will be far away from the water. No more Tsunami. Go with Rahul. I will come behind with your dad. We will not be far behind you.”

As the girl ran behind the boy, Anand held Sanjana’s hand and walked slowly side by side rubbing shoulders.

Anand broke the silence and said, “I have not broached the subject of our marriage in the house. But mami I feel knows and in fact has been obliquely persuading me to get married. She knows we are in love and she likes you. Both of us are in deep love with each other though I am not sure whether the children have an inkling that you would soon take their mom’s place. I do not envisage any problem from Rahul and hopefully Shreya would welcome you.”

“Anand, I wish that we tie the knot soon. I cannot be away from you any longer and want to be with you all the time. Please hurry” pleaded Sanjana

“Sure, it is vacation for them I will talk to them soon at an appropriate time but will tell mami. Do not worry” said Anand

They then spent time standing with children on the water as the waves washed their legs. Shreya snuggled by Sanjana’s side and found comfort and security in her hands.

Two days later as he was working on his laptop in the night both the kids snuggled up to him and said “Daddy, we have a request. We wish to celebrate Mother’s day this Sunday at 6pm. We have pooled our allowances and we intend to buy a cake from the Italian bakery. We want to have it cut before our mom’s photo. Please invite Sanjana aunty also for this occasion. make sure she attends.”

Anand was totally surprised and wanted to play along with his children by readily agreeing to their request. It was Sunday and the large box containing the cake and tied with ribbon was kept on the circular glass dining table. Opposite on the wall was their mom’s photo. Sanjana had also come as promised.

Rahul and Shreya in chorus said, “We will blind fold aunty and dad. They will open the cake box and only then the blindfold would be removed.”

Both Sanjana and Anand were intrigued but joined the fun by getting their eyes covered by a red cloth. When they opened their eyes amidst the clapping of the kids, they were thrilled to read the icing text on the cake.

Dear Sanjana mom,

Happy Mother’s day,

Rahul and Shreya

Sanjana wiped the tears flowing from eyes even as Shreya pulled her close to Anand and placed her hand on Anand’s.

Rahul urged her to cut the cake and feed papa first.

Mami was standing by kitchen door wiping her tears of joy


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