Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Since when Sachin and Pawar became selectors ?

by KParthasarathi Tuesday, March 25, 2008
The news report that ' Sachin recommended Dhoni as ODI captain' has come as a shock to cricket lovers, not for the choice of the name but the manner of going about it.Pawar has admitted that it was Sachin Tendulkar's suggestion that Dhoni be vested with captaincy for the one-day cricket to Pawar that clinched the issue in Dhoni's favour. There was also the other suggestion from Sachin Tendulkar to Pawar to advise the selectors not to include players of his (Sachin's) generation in the Twenty20 team. These were duly conveyed to the selectors who acted as per the Chief's wishes by dropping the seniors.
We have been told only of these two suggestions from Sachin to Pawar.We are not aware of the possible many that have not been revealed. There is an important lesson in this news item. It is that the selectors are not totally free to do the job allotted to them and interference from influential quarters thro suggestions beset their work.Pawar may innocently deny telling that he only conveyed what Sachin told him but left the decision entirely to the selectors. It is somewhat akin to a suggestion from Sonia to Man Mohan Singh. In diplomatic parlance, 'suggestion' from the top person is an euphemism for a 'command'.
How could Sachin speak on behalf of other seniors unless they had asked him specifically to do so? He can at best speak for himself. Such an assumption of authority to comment on areas that do not fall under his domain is unfortunate and condemnable. The problem with this country is that as soon as a man is praised for his performance, he thinks he is all knowing and can talk on any subject.
It is evident now from these two episodes as to who rules the Indian cricket from behind thro Pawar.Sachin may be a man of few words but apparently gets things done silently from behind the scene. It is said that still waters run deep. It would be rank incursion into the areas of selection if BCCI top management were to offer unsolicited suggestions.Pawar should have desisted from discussing with Tendulkar or Vengsarkar on areas that are not his. .'Render unto Caesar things that are Caesar's' is the motto that Pawar and Tendulkar should follow strictly.

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