Monday, January 21, 2008

Be humble in victory

We may gloat over our victory in the test at Perth especially after the boorish behaviour of Australian players at Sydney and the unfair decisions by the umpire costing us a match. Yes, jubilation to some extent is justified but to go head over heels as if we had conquered the insurmountable would mean placing high premium on the Aussies.One way of snubbing them is to take the victory in our stride as if it was a commonplace occurence and not go into raptures.
There will be reams of encomiums in the media on the players and possible riches showered on them from the money rich and knee jerk Board. We should not forget cricket is a game of chance between equals. At one point of time when the tail was wagging vigorously, there was the fear of the game slipping away from Indians. The result could go either way on any day. Too much of gamboling and jumping about in ecstasy betrays a sense of inferiority complex. Humility in victory and composure in defeat are the hallmark of the great. Let us rejoice when the team accomplishes another victory at Adelaide and squares the series. Till then we can reserve our judgment.
We may be tempted to play the same team for the fourth test on sentiment and desire not to disturb the composition. Let us be rational and rest Wasim Jaffer and include Dinesh in his place. Harbhajan instead of Dhoni is an option to be kept in mind. The latter has not distinguished himself so far in a big way. .Aussies will return with determination to win like a wounded tiger.

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  1. Truly said. Not only in Cricket but in any game a sportsman should play with sportsman spirit. We have won the match, its special but we should be able to digest the wins. It is true victory is victory and we should show our energy on the victorious moments. But we should be able to differentiate the importance between victory in a match, victory in a series and victory in a world cup. Even if we win the 4th match, it dose not mean we are the best. Gaming best comes with consistent performance, like Australians.

    Game is not meant to be wins or defeats but game is for entertaining ourselves physically and mentally. It is meant to draw a line in between but sport is healthy activity to pave the gap between nations, communities.

    So let’s play with sportsman spirit.

    Vinay Pandey