Saturday, May 17, 2008

The last wish

-by KParthasarathi Saturday, May 17, 2008
Shankar a young man of 27 was working in Kolkata since a year. He was staying in a lodge. Not given to mixing with friends he found the week ends boring. He went to the Sunday morning Tamil movie in a nearby theatre.He got a seat in the last row at the rear. He was early and people were filing in. Just a couple of minutes before the lights were switched off, he saw a young couple approaching the two vacant seats by his side. The husband went in first and made his wife sit in the middle. She was around 29, very attractive and smiled flashing her sparkling teeth at Shankar before sitting. The lights went off and the picture started. The mild perfume from her side was a pleasant and intoxicating experience. After a few minutes his hand brushed against her’s inadvertently. She quickly moved her hand slightly. In a few minutes he rested his hand touching her’s but now she made no attempt to move. Shankar too did not take his hand from the arm rest. Gently the pressure of her hand increased. For Shankar being the first experience of a woman in such close quarter, he relished the contact. From the touch, it escalated to his hand caressing her arm in the darkness. Soon their fingers were clasped tightly in between the gentle cuddles. He could feel her hot breath close to his face with the alluring smell of jasmine from her tresses. When the lights came for the intermission, they were careful to be away from each other. Her husband went out to get popcorn. She smiled assuringly at Shankar, told him that her name was Shyamala and exchanged their mobile numbers. The thrill continued in the second half too bolder and more intimate. The unsuspecting husband was munching popcorn and viewing the film wide eyed
Next day around 2.30 pm, he got a call at his office from Shyamala.She gave him the directions and said “Can you take a taxi and come to my place immediately. My husband has gone to Jamshedpur and will return late night. The apartment is 2B.I will keep the door unlocked but will remain closed. I do not want the noise of a bell. Just gently push the door and enter. I will be waiting for you. It is absolutely safe. Please do not fail me. We will have great fun.”When Shankar reached her home, he could not believe his eyes. She had a swell figure, slim waist, large hips and lots of chest. Without any preface, she hugged him passionately and locked her lips with his. The torrid and ardent love affair between them that commenced that hot afternoon continued regularly without interruption as her husband was away on tour for minimum a fortnight in a month.
He got introduced to her husband Rajagopal one day in the lake market with Shyamala telling her husband “This young man is actually the first cousin of my good friend Saroja who you know got transferred to Mumbai.” He seemed a gentle person with little interests other than office and TV. One Sunday after a few months he dropped in at Shankar’s lodge and said “Why don’t you move in to the front room of my flat. It has separate entrance with toilet. There is an interconnecting door for emergencies. I am already on tour for half the month and will have to be away for a week twice a month henceforth. She is very timid by nature and afraid to stay alone. Since you are related to her friend and Shyamala has no objection, I think your presence in the front room will give her confidence. You can pay whatever you are paying here. Can you shift within a day or two?” Shankar readily agreed though he felt sorry for this loving and unsuspecting husband.
The secret liaison went on merrily unhampered for seven long years.Shyamala had put on slight flab and one could see happiness in her face. One day when Shyamala had gone out for attending a marriage, Rajagopal entered Shankar's room and sat glum for a few minutes. He slowly started talking.”Shankar, I have been wanting to talk to you for long but was somehow hesitant. Since she is not there, I decided to take the weight off my chest. When I married her, I thought I was normal. But unluckily it was not. I could not consummate the marriage. It was a great shock to both of us. Medical help was of no avail. I asked her to take a divorce but she would not agree. All my pleadings were of little help. She was young and had the normal urges. I decided to turn a blind eye to any liaison by her with one person if done discreetly. She paid no heed. I then contrived situation as in the theatre years back. I went away on tour to facilitate her amorous affair. I brought you to my flat. I could see with satisfaction that you both get along well. I curse my luck but am not jealous of you. In fact I am thankful to you in accomplishing very discreetly what I could not. Will you promise to marry her in the event of my untimely death?” Shankar was shocked at the revelation that he knew the happenings all along. He protested saying “Banish such thoughts, Sir. You are in good health. If you so wish I will seek a transfer and go away to some other city” He admonished him “Don’t be a fool. I just wanted to mention my wish and if ever I die, I will happily go with the thought that Shyamala is safe in your hands.” Shankar assured him not to worry at all. He did not mention about this conversation to Shyamala.
A week later there was a call one early morning from a hotel in Jamshedpur that Rajagopal had passed away by consuming sleeping tablets. Shyamala wept inconsolably wondering why he took his life when he had no worry at all. Shankar knew but kept quiet. He decided to honour his last wish come what may.


  1. good one. but I wonder if they will have a happy marriage. a relationship based on lust, whatever the excuse, does not have a high chance of long-term success.

  2. good one. but I wonder if they will have a happy marriage. a relationship based on lust, whatever the excuse, does not have a high chance of long-term success.