Thursday, May 29, 2008

The revenge

-by KParthasarathi Thursday, May 29, 2008
It was the same violent scene at her small apartment daily. He would enter tottering around 9pm fully inebriated mouthing foul language to her utter shame and the disgust of her neighbours. She would be standing in a corner trembling in fear. There need be no reason for quarreling. He would just drag her by her hair and yell at her asking with whom she was sleeping while he was away at work and where she was hiding all her ill gotten money. He would call her a cheap whore and a bitch even as she cringed in humiliation and indignity. He would abuse her parents for palming her off on him without any jewels or money. He would clasp her throat and try to strangle her till she felt her eyes would pop out. He would beat her with whatever his hand could lay on. All her sobs and tears would not move this angry animal in him. How she would wish he strangled her once and for all relieving her permanently from this misery.
Once he took his food kept ready for him, he would be a different man on some occasions. All the anger would have vanished and he would gently pull her towards him mumbling profuse apologies for his beastly behaviour. He will embrace her showering kisses on her bruised face, caress her aching neck and gently rub other places he had hurt. He would even start crying and promise her that he would never touch that wretched drink. This shameless woman would yield to the temptations of the only pleasure that she knew he can give her occasionally. Most nights drunk as he was fully, he would doze off snoring loudly without a touch of remorse. Countless times she wished to put an end to her life but did not have the courage to do it. She would think of the several ways to accomplish it, grinding the poisonous weeds and eating it, jumping into the deep well in the complex, pouring kerosene and burning herself but at the end she lacked the nerve.
Last night he was very cruel. He pulled her from the corner and slammed her face on the wall. He tore her clothes from her body and turned into a beast hurting her with glee. Her cringing and pleading to leave her alone only turned him on in his carnal assault. It was at that point she decided upon a strategy. She meekly submitted herself to his lust as she did so often. The next morning he was sober and took his morning breakfast engaging at the same time in small talks with her. But he refused her the permission to visit her aged father who was on his death bed telling her with a smirk in his face that she can go once her dad is dead. She was seething in anger but did not betray her emotion. It was then she gave him the kitchen knife to hold while she said she would bring the large pumpkin from kitchen for him to cut. She came soon and said that she forgot she threw it away as it had become rotten. He left the knife on the table and went away for work.
She closed the door without locking and wrote on a piece of paper that her life was in constant danger from her husband as he doubted her fidelity and also angry at her inability to get huge sum from her parents. She didn’t want to burden her aged parents with her problems. She posted this note at the post office to her friend in the same apartment. Having done this she pulled her hair and disarranged her clothes she was wearing. She gingerly took the knife at the end with a cloth and plunged it deep into her stomach taking care not to erase the finger prints. As the blood started flowing, she lay on her side smiling with content that her miserable life would soon come to an end. The thought that she was finally going to get out of this vile man’s clutches brought peace on her face despite the seething pain. She slowly slipped into the depths of unconsciousness content that she had wreaked her vengeance.
The adjacent neighbours heard that night the blundering man pressing the bell mouthing obscenities at the delay in his wife opening the doors. They were sneaking a look at the man through their slightly opened doors. He continued with his profanities unaware of what is in store for him.

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  1. Parthasarathi,

    I like the disguised tragedy of the sarcasm: "This shameless woman wiuld yield to.....". Good work.