Saturday, December 19, 2009

Faithful spirit

Rajalakshmi adjusted the intravenous poles as a routine though she knew the old man was sinking fast and may not survive the day.The doctors had given up hope and he was administered medicines only to ease his pain.He was in a coma .She nevertheless took care of him as if he would survive this ordeal.The old man in his Eighties was oblivious to the surroundings, the very short life that lay ahead of him, the presence of his dutiful wife who spent wakeful hours at his bedside praying for his recovery all the time.

Rajalaksmi turned to the old lady who appeared a few years younger than the old man.She was small built, draped in nine yards and looked fresh after her bath in the early morning with a big bindi and ash mark on her forehead.She held in her hand prayer books.

“How is he today?” she had asked the nurse Rajalakshmi

What could she tell the old woman who pinned her hopes on her Goddess and her prayers? The old lady was quietly aware of the critical condition of her husband.

Rajlaksmi said “There is no change, grandma.His condition remains the same and not good.Doctors are trying their best”

“It has happened many times before virtually taking him to his end but he always recovered miraculously. My Godess will not let me down, I am sure, this time also” said the lady.

“Grandma, don’t you have children? I see nobody here.You are here all the 24 hours without rest or sleep” asked the nurse

“I have one daughter in Australia.But her husband ever since her marriage would not permit her to come to our house due to some misunderstanding.She is a good girl with two kids of her own.What can the poor thing do when her husband is stubborn and insensitive.Only the neighbours helped in bringing grandpa here. But I don’t want to disturb them”

“How long are you married?” asked the nurse

“I don’t know.I was thirteen then and I must be seventy eight now.You work out yourself.I am not good in arithmetic” the lady replied.

“ Wow!! Sixtyfive years both of you have been together. Have you taken any food? You don’t seem to go out at all” asked the nurse

“How can I leave him alone? In case he opens his eyes and calls Chellamma what will he think if there is no response:” she asked. ”The ward boy gets me plantains and idly from the canteen.” she added

Rajalakshmi turned her face away to hide her tears. “Okay grandma, you can be by his side holdng his hands.No one will come today being Sunday. But you must take a short nap as grandpa is sleeping comfortably. I will come now and then.I have my night duty also today.Don’t worry.I will be there for you. Please ring the bell if you need me” she said softly resting her hand on the old lady’s shoulder. When she left the room after noting down some data on the chart, she saw the old lady caressing the old man’s face muttering something about her faith in Goddess and his recovery.

Rajalakshmi was busy with other patients one of whom was on ventilator and another needed close monitoring.She had tough time and was on continuous duty for two shifts. It was around 4 am that she had finally got some rest. She came to the room and found the old lady asleep with her head on the bed and one hand holding the hand of her husband while the other on his forehead.The prayer books were on the bed.

She went near the old man only to find that he had passed away.He was still warm.Though professionally trained, she could not hold back her tears and shuddered at the prospect of breaking the sad news to the wife who steadfastly trusted her Goddess's power to healShe came around the bed to the old lady and put her hand on her shoulders telling “Grand ma, wake up.Please wake up.” When she did not respond she nudged her liitle harder only to find the faithful spirit had also flown away with her husband


  1. You're a great writer !!
    Your stories are exciting from beginning to end.
    Keep it up ....

    Have a nice weekend (@^.^@)

  2. Your story is a perfect instance of selfless love and devotion. I was simply awed after I finished reading your story. I was speechless for a while before a host of thoughts occupied my mental horizon. It was really a thought provoking story.

  3. Dear Partha,
    Good Morning!
    It's an awesome story,really touching!I appreciate the strong love n care between the old couples.she would not be able to live without her strength n so God decided this fate for her!
    keep writing the wonderful stories with inspiring thoughts.
    Leaving for Trichur on 23rd for Christmas holidays.the very thought of reaching Amma n Nanda makes me excited.
    Wishing you a MERRY CHRISTMAS,

  4. Its awesome..! you are a talented story teller.:) Would love to read all your previous stories if time permits..!

    You inspire me alot :)

    Have a nice day ..God Bless my friend!

  5. A very touching story! Brings tears to our eyes. True, pure and selfless love. Very nice.

  6. so simple yet so beautiful..thats your quality :) loved the story!!

  7. My darling I wish you and yours all the joy, love, hope, blessings, peace, laughter, miracles, good health and boundless wealth during this holiday season and always.

    Love & Hugs

  8. what a beautiful tale of an unconditional and faithful love to each other. Wish i could have one someday.

    wish me and my hubby would hold onto each other's hand till our last breath, but i know i will go ahead coz i am much older than him...

    almost a tear fell KP...a beautiful love story, only the downside is of the irresponsible daughter who cares less for her parents, too old to take care of each other.

    hope my kids will not be like that...

    good night KP...

  9. woww..reading u after a long time nd found sumthing really great..nice piece..luved the way you showed true love nd devotion..luved the way it ended, depicting te eternal luv, holding hands till last breathe..!!!

  10. Hi,
    Happy Christmas.

  11. woow..that was something partha. thats a great end to a loving couple that cannot stay away from each other for even a minute.

  12. one doesnt hav to be old to be in sick bed ha?
    umm me still there almost ...
    i dont think thats the best place to celebrate your christmas when you are at home ... oops

    wish you a lovely, bright New Year

  13. To me this is the best love story.

  14. it was deep ...though the end was quite predictable it kept me reading till the end...nice work!:)

  15. first time on your blog..
    thats probably one of the best I have read on blogs.
    thank you for the nice read :)

  16. Have a very wonderful healthy and happy 2010 :-)


    We are happy that we have meet you
    as a blogfriend,
    that comment from "Sorcerer"
    says all you write great stories,
    one of the best :-)
    Keep blogging .....

    Greetings Anya :-)
    Kareltje =^.^=

  17. that is so called as the true love!

  18. A very touching account!

    Wishing you a very happy new year!

  19. I heard about you from my niece and have been reading your stories one by one... at times this makes me feel as if they are your thoughts and some times feel that these are your experiences... what are they exactly... thought this was really touching and old people like this gives inspiration to the new generation for the love and affection they need to have for each other...

  20. a touching short story..perfectly presented a womans unconditional love whether it is towards her husband or children..well done!