Sunday, June 6, 2010

Marriages are made in heaven

Ramanathan was trying frantically to find a match for his son Suresh who was expected from Boston in a fortnight’s time.Suresh was not keen to get married and was always pleading that it can wait.Nevertheless Ramanathan wished to keep in readiness a few girls for Suresh to choose from when he came.He had been telling friends and relatives. Suresh after his doctoral programme has been working at MIT, Boston

One day when Ramanathan was at Kapaleeswarar temple which he frequented, the priest introduced him to one Subramayam saying”It is God’s grace that both of you are here at the same time.Ramanathan, my friend Subramanyam is a staunch devotee of Kapaleeswara and I know him for several years.He has a daughter in America and he has been asking to suggest some suitable match for her.I think your son would suit her eminently.I have seen her and your son.Both would form an ideal pair,”

He turned to Subramanyam and said “Subrmanyam, Ramanathan is very well known to me.His son also is in America and would be here very soon.You both talk to each other.Many devotees are waiting for darsan.I will get busy with my work”

Subramnayam’s daughter Vanita it transpired was also in Boston studying at the same MIT.What a good augury. Both of them felt as if it was ordained by God that they meet here on this day and finalize the match.The other parameters like age, qualification, birth and star were all agreeable.Both the two old gentlemen took an instant liking for one another and desired they became closer through this alliance. Luckily Vanita was already in India for a month..

They met the priest and thanked him telling” it is through your thoughtful kindness and God’s grace that we could meet.We strongly desire that this alliance should fructify.We will now hasten matters from our sides.We will keep you informed of the developments.”

The horoscopes were exchanged and the compatibility checked .They duly informed their respective offsprings about the developments at the temple and expected them to comply with their parents’ wish without demur subject ofcourse to their liking one another.

The two friends met frequently at each other’s place planning where and how the wedding was to be celebrated.Some tentative dates were chosen keeping in mind the availability of marriage halls.They were already discussing on the choice of a good caterer.They were just waiting for the formality of the ‘boy meeting the girl’ to be over and had little doubt as both were good looking, talented and working in the same place.What better coincidence does one need, they thought.

Both Suresh and Vanita resisted initially the attempts of their respective parents to fix the ‘boy meeting the girl’ occasion but gave in to the relentless emotional blackmail.When finally on the appointed day Suresh along with his parents met Vanita at her place, the parents were very happy that things are moving to the desired outcome.

Both of the young things met separately in one room exchanging information.Suresh was surprised that even though he was on the faculty of the same institute, he had not seen her or heard about her.They decided to meet again at a restaurant and expressed their wish to the parents who were no doubt delighted .What was supposed to be one meeting extended to five meetings on different days much to the glee of the parents to what looked like both of them enjoying each others company.

Both Suresh and Vanita discussed many matters of common interest and finally decided to convey their decision to their respective parents.

The marriages took place though after two months with the venue being Boston instead of Mylapore in Chennai.Suresh married Lynda a co-faculty member and Vanita married Mark her guide in the institute.Ramanathan and Subramanyam, it is learned, are not on talking terms and had not visited Kapaleeswarar temple since then.

Marriages are made in heaven and not by parents in temples..


  1. was a different story wid an unexpected ending...gudd write..

  2. Dear Partha,
    Good Evening!
    A different sory with unexpected twist!When the meetings prolonged to five I could sense something fishy!
    But I think,Partha,these days children have the guts to open up!Be honest,guys and honesty pays!
    Well expressed,Partha,as usual.
    In India marriages are not just the union of two individuals but two families.
    Wishing you a relaxed evening,

  3. good one :) keep going

    hey, i have got a bit busy with studies, so blog time restricted for sundays. so wont be able to comment much on ur blog.i read the blogs i follow on my phone when i take breaks at the library, but my phone ka internet doesn allow commenting. so plz don mind if u don't get a comment from me on ur blogs. im still readin it :) cheers

  4. Namaste...
    hmmmmmmm, interesting. sometimes marches work although i do agree it shouldn't be forced and people's choices should be exercised.

    In the end they both got their wish kind of as their children were married.

    thank for sharing

  5. lolz the parents must be in a state of shock..meetings ending up into splits..a great story must say :)

  6. Wow... what a twist in the story... Really enjoyed it...
    Best wishes...

  7. Just when everything looked like it was all destined to work out, the twist of fate intervened eh? Life is harsh!

  8. You seem to specialize in tales with a twist. But this time you got me-
    Frankly I didn't see it coming!!:)

  9. I read the ending a couple of times to make sure what I was reading :) Nice twist

  10. ho HO...
    apt one for me ha?
    well, minusing the twists... i would have liked mine to have taken place in such a fashion... a long-planned one ...but without making any eye brows go up.....
    nice one sir.. :-)

  11. Hello Sir,

    Excellent Story!! I Am A New blogger. kindly visit my blog in ur free time.

  12. Excellent!!The story keeps the readers in its grip throughout.
    Thanks for sharing.

  13. why should parents insists on delicate matters like marriage? if i were any of the young couple, i would defy my parents' caprices or wishes, because it is me who will be married to a person i wanted to have and not them.

    thank God, phils is not india. i know that in ur place, some marriages are fixed by parents.