Tuesday, June 29, 2010

On the brink

I was on the terrace of a 14 floor building that housed my former office.There was no difficulty in entering the building as I was thrown out of my job only recently six weeks back and I am known well to security..I looked down at the busy road.The cars, buses and people looked tiny crawling like ants.It gave giddiness when I looked down for long.My life has been a total failure and would soon come to an end.The fall from over 150 feet would mean instant death, no pain and no agony.Total freedom from worries.I have come to this decision after a lot of deliberation.There is no going back.

I had no professional skill.I was doing clerical job in the accounts department till they gave the pink slip..Jobs were not aplenty.I climbed the stairs of countless number of offices only to draw a blank.I had taken some loans from friends and others.They started pressurizing once they knew I lost my job.They have become abusive in their language.I wish to put an end to this misery and can think of no other way.

Sita would no doubt be shattered.A good wife she had been and stood by me through thick and thin.Life had been hard for her with my low paid job and three children.The last one Neena just seven years was unplanned and an accident.I have never been able to get for Sita even a gram of gold after her marriage to me.She never grumbled.The thought of leaving her with the burden hurt me.The terminal benefit that was not much after adjusting for the loans taken would not last long.She was a teacher in a school before marriage and may have to find a job after I am gone.

“Why do you worry so much?If you do not get the job, I will work as a teacher.You take care of the kids and your aged mom.Get out of the depression.Come with me to the Ganesh temple at the end of road.He will surely show us the way” Sita had said in the morning.

“Let me visit some offices.We can go in the evening to the temple.Sorry Sita I have become useless.”I had said

“Tut, tut.Stop this whining.You are not the only one to lose the job.There are so many who have not even got their first job and much worse than us.We are not sick.We can find some way.Have faith in God”she admonished

Poor thing,she did not know my whole financial situtaion.Loan taken on the small flat for which instalments are in arrears,the private creditors after me,the bleak job market and above all my diffidence to face the situation.I love her most.I love my children.My aged mom dotes on me.I would not like to leave them. But I dread the recovery agents set upon me who wait for me to come out of the house.No,I cannot bear the mental torture.

As I stood on the parapet wall, the cool wind blew over my face. I looked down.It was no longer scary.But I wished to have one last look at the photo of my wife and the kids.As I fumbled in my pocket for it I found a paper from a school note book folded neatly addressed to Dear Papa in crayon.It was from my daughter Neena.I opened it”Dear Papa,Next week is my birthday.You had promised a Teddy bear.I have changed my mind.I do not need it or anything.It is enough if we all sit together and play.It is very long since we did it.That would be my birthday gift.I love you most.Affectionately Neena”

Tears flowed from my eyes.I instantly decided that I would not take the extreme step but give my life a try.Suddenly there was a big gust of wind upsetting my balance and I fell down off the ledge.”Neenaaaa….” I shouted as I fell down.When I opened my eyes after what seemed an eternity I found I was lying on the terrace.Thanking God,I rushed home like a mad man to be with Sita and my children.


  1. Dear Partha,
    Good Evening!
    By the end of the story,my eyes are moist!True happening in different parts of the globe!We must reach out to the depressed,the less fortunate by a warm smile,consoling words and kind gestures!Make them feel they are not alone;there is light at the other end of the tunnel.Everyone has a right to live;Let us support as and when we can!
    Children are the wonderful gifts who ease the difficult situations!
    A touching story;thanks a lot!

  2. Nice touching story. We do not have the right to take our lives..leave the problems to GOD

  3. very touching and true...loosing a job is very shattering for a middle class person and one needs a lot of mental strength and supporting family to get through that stage..
    Hey , suddenly I find that your stories have taken a very positive turn:)

  4. Thaz very sad but its the survival part of this world.

  5. The love of our near and dear ones keeps us going, its in times of trial that we need them the most, and they are always there :)Lovely story!

  6. It was an act of Divine Intervention..he finding the daughter's writing, just in time.

    Good story, Parthasarathi.

    Jaako rakhey Kaanha, maar sakey na koi.

  7. simple, ordinary, but the point you make is loud and clear .. thats so touching ... i m sure it s nt just a story... we all know such incidents do take place every other day.. but not all 'Sitas' are as lucky!!!

    for a while i wondered if it s for me ehem :-P

  8. Really moving story. As always clear diction and so crisp and precise. loved reading it.

  9. Hey Partha.... wonderful unveiling!! for a mo in the end I thought yu' r gonna kill him, but hapy endings always matter more than the impact of the sad endings! nice work... wonder how far can a pink sleep damage!

  10. Wow, you're unbelievable..Still churning out so many stories..Feels good to be back on your blog...Nice ones! Will drop by every once in a while :-)

  11. I like this one, that after losing hope, the letter of her daughter did wonders...

    Sometimes we can't be spared of troubles in life like that. It is a test I believe of our faith in God and I know that he will not give us trials that we can't hurdle...

    T'was a nice ending KP. I just wonder how you write your stories and where go you get inspiration in doing so...