Sunday, July 18, 2010

The power of prayer

Selvam, a 12 year old boy, did not know what to do.His mom had been unwell for the last four days and since this morning did not open her eyes. She did not respond to his call. There were none to help them in the huts around. His father had deserted them and went after another woman. An old woman living in the adjacent hut had given his mom some home made herbal remedy the previous day but it had no effect at all. Her condition had worsened and caused him much worry. She had not taken any food even tea. The old woman advised the boy to take her immediately to some hospital. He had no money even for a rickshaw let alone taking her to a doctor. The boy sitting outside the hut was crying.

An old man who lived nearby and whom this boy called grandpa came and sat by the boy’s side. He was moved by his pitiable condition but was equally poor. He put his arms lovingly around the boy and said “Selavam, do not worry. I will be sitting here. You go to the Vinayagar temple and pray to Him to make your mom alright. We have no other recourse poor as we are but to trust Him. Pray sincerely and He will answer your prayers. I have seen this many times. Hurry up. I will keep a watch over your mom.”

It was already 8 PM and dark. The boy ran to the small temple. The door of the sanctum was closed. The priest was not to be seen. There were none there. Selvam was disappointed. He peeped through the holes in the door and prayed devoutly to the God whose idol was visible faintly in the dim oil lamp that hung from the ceiling. Tears flowed from his eyes. He rang the bell loudly many times hoping it would waken the God and notify Him of his presence.
The boy sat on the ground before the sanctum, closed his eyes and repeated the name of the God 108 times. He opened his eyes with a start when he felt someone touching his head. He found before him an old man short, pot-bellied, wide mouthed and with a smile on his face. He asked softly

“Young boy, why are you crying and what were you praying the God for?”

“My mom is very sick. Her condition is bad. I have no money to take her to a doctor or hospital. I have none to help us. I prayed to the God to make her alright. I am very much afraid about my mother’s condition” Selvam said.

“Do not worry. I will come with you and see personally. Take me to your hut.” the old man said.

When he reached he found the ‘grandpa’ missing outside the hut. The short old man placed his hand on her head, applied some sacred ash on her forehead and sprinkled a little on her body. He turned to the boy and said “She would soon wake up. Give her something to drink. She would be alright. Do not worry.”

The boy turned to his mom and saw her opening her eyes. Astonished at this quick development he called “Amma, how do you feel? Can I give you some tea?” She held his hands and smiled feebly at him. The boy wished to report to the short old man about this and rushed outside only to find the visitor no where seen. He ran a small distance towards the temple but he had mysteriously disappeared.

Hurrying home he found his ‘grandpa’ sitting inside the hut and talking to his mom.When Selvam narrated what happened since he went to the temple, about the short old man’s visit, sacred ash and his abrupt disappearance, his ‘grandpa’ was certain that he was none else than God Vinayagar. He queried the boy further about his appearance and any strange thing that he had observed while the old man was there.

Selvam replied “I did not see any except a mouse running behind him when he left”

(Mouse is the divine vehicle of lord Vinayak popularly known as Ganesh)


  1. place trust in God....things wl move right....nicely said

  2. hey wow...thanks fr making time out of ur busty time with daughter and kids, and writing this for us..:)

  3. Dear Partha,
    Good Morning!
    This is a beautiful story which I liked very much.You reminded me the devotional stories I used to listen in my childhood.I enjoy such stories and Partha I must thank you for filling my heart with kindness and prayers early in the morning.
    I am listening to chanting of Ramayanam and spiritual talks telecast on tv.
    Morning began with a shower,prayers,feeding crows and sparrows.My heart is filled with positive thoughts,kindness and love.
    The ultimate help and friend is God always.
    Ramayana masam started and reading Ramayana in the evening is the ritual of Hindus.
    Enjoy the day with better moments,

  4. No one caters to our needs as well as God does, still we prefer running around people instead of praying to the almighty.
    Nice story :)

  5. Dost,

    God is there for anyone and everyone who has a pure heart and devotion...Blessed are those who can have divine real life experiences like the one Selvam had in his life...

    But surprisingly each one of us do have such divine experiences, but the only problem is that we fail to recognise the divinity in them...

    Good story...

  6. This post gave me goosebumps when I read it. I am an ardent devotee for Ganpati Bappa as hes fondly known as here in Mumbai. Faith truly holds forte. And God comes in some form or the other to our rescue. Have experienced this in Siddi vinayak every week when I visit. Very well narrated story.

  7. Power prayers...great.I am staunch devotee ,liked the story

  8. A lovely the role faith plays in our lives and that's how the miracles happen and that's why the world is so amazing and beautiful..loved it..thanks for the wisdom sprinkled here..

  9. Who else can write such a compelling story on prayer but one who knows its power in people's lives.

    Thanks for this pleasure.
    Take care and God bless you & your family.

  10. I strongly believe in the power of prayers and have seen many times in my life..god is everywhere and always listening to us.

  11. It is India, and I found in your story some beliefs in your place which does not exists in our country.

    But I know that whatever way we pray, if it is heartfelt, it will be answered by God...

    Beautiful story on faith and belief Kp!

  12. Trust the Almighty!

    Om Jai Jagadeesha Hare.....
    Swami Jai Jagadeesha Hare...."


  13. glad to read a soothing post ...

    net was down for the last one week...

    well, at times i wonder, if we put more on the plate of God ...
    and yea we need that eye of faith too to see a mouse! :-)

  14. Very nice and wonderful story. I liked it very much. Everybody should believe on God as He is everything for us and should pray to Him for all the beautiful He has given us.

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  16. such a simple tale so amazingly told. Brilliant story telling powers you possess.