Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Early buyer gift

It was early in the morning.The old lady tried to reach the toy on the top shelf but she could not succeed. A young man who was in the same aisle rushed to her aid. When he handed over the toy, her eyes gleamed and asked him whether it is suitable for a boy of eight years. It appeared that she had forgotten her glasses.He looked at the details found it was suitable..

She said “It is for my grandson. He has wanted a remote controlled helicopter for his birthday. How much does it say it costs?.”

“30 dollars”

“Oh, oh. That is too much. Please keep it back” she said.

“What was the price you were willing to spend?” he asked softly.

“Why? Do you work here? Is there any sale? My budget is around 15 dollars.” she asked expectantly.

“No sale. But we are giving a gift to the first buyer today in the toys section” He pulled out a gift cardfrom his pocket and said “. Here is a gift card for 15 dollars. You now pay only $15. It is a good deal. Happy birthday to your grand son” he said as left her in a hurry.

The old woman was grateful to Lord for her luck and walked the counter and said “Thanks for the gift scheme for the first buyer from your shop. I really appreciate it”

The surprised counter clerk said “What gift scheme? We have none presently.”

The lady indignantly told her “Better check with your supervisor. Just now the young man in charge gave me the gift card. That is meant for the first buyer. Please see this. Why should I tell you something that is not true”

“Madam, this is a gift card presumably bought from this store by the young man.For your information there is no male employee in the toys section”

It then struck her that it was a kind gesture by the young man to an old lady who couldn’t afford a 30 dollar present for her grandson.

We can do no great things, only small things with great love”. ~Mother Teresa


  1. Sir, you have explained beautifully in such few words that Kindness is more than deeds. The spontaneous response and giving nature of the young man is not easily seen in many. It is a unpremeditated spontaneous reaction, being sensitive to other people's stressful situations, an attitude, an expression, a look, a touch. It is a beautiful feeling that lifts another person.

  2. Oh. So kind and touching story

  3. the greatness of being human, the joy of giving.... i liked it

  4. It then struck her that it was a kind gesture by the young man to an old lady who couldn’t afford a 30 dollar present for her grandson.

    “We can do no great things, only small things with great love”. ~Mother Teresa

    ....Its a "feel-good" story. How sweet!

  5. Giving is such a generous and fulfilling act.

  6. That is so sweet of him...Its rare to see such kind people in stores these days...Including me, not many would take that extra effort to help some stranger...

    Story with an inspiration...

  7. Beautiful, Fantastic Kind, Caring Young Man!

    Loved The Quote!

    Thanks A Lot For Sharing.

  8. Namaste.....

    wonderful sentiment.....
    sometimes it only takes a small gesture to create a big splash.

    Have a grand week

  9. to me it didnt sound like a story...
    it s something more than that...

    nice work sir...

  10. Dear Partha,
    Good Evening!
    It's a beautiful inspirational story.The young gentleman touched the lives of two;the old lady and the beloved grandson.
    ''Wish I may,wish I might,
    Make someone happy today
    With words I say and songs I play
    To God I pray,to God I say,
    Take good care of my friends today!''
    One of the wonderful posts at Random Thoughts!:)Partha,you rock!:)
    Wishing you a lovely evening,

  11. Loved this one, KP,
    today as I was going out, an old man came towards me . He asked me something which I didn't understand as his voice was weak. I asked him what does he want? He said get me 2 idlies. I was shocked to hear this.He must have been very starving. He said his throat is dry too as he didn't drink anything. How many people we have like this. I gave him some money for his breakfast. When will our majority of population have at least single meal a day.

  12. Very Nice! KInd people like this are hard to find nowadays. He made her day!! I once read somewhere that a kindness like this has a multiplier effect. Beautifully written.

  13. A touching story. It is these small acts which truly reflect the individual.

  14. உங்களது பதிவுகள் அனைத்தும் படிக்க சுவராஷ்யமாய் இருக்கின்றன... என் பக்கம் பார்க்க .... ... நீங்களும் படித்திட்டு சொல்லுங்கள் ... உங்கள் பதிவுகளுக்காக காத்திருக்கிறேன் ... :)

  15. wow..such a kind gesture..nice story..:)

  16. loved that young man's act..what a sweet gesture from his side... so nice.
    wishes and prayers

  17. I read a lot, and write a lot, but I must say this was the most beautiful blog I have read in a long time! very simply written, and touching...