Sunday, January 30, 2011

55 word fiction

The disconnect

A young feminist Sally passionately spoke in a women’s programme on equal rights and no discrimination against women.

She hurried to her gynaecologist for an ultrasound.

The doctor smiled and said “it is a girl.”

There was a frown in Sally’s face

“Just kidding.It is a boy” said doctor

Sally’s face beamed with large smile


  1. uh.. the irony. but I do know people like this exist, feminist or not. everyone like that, including doctors like that need to be ashamed of themselves. the very talk of + (for a boy) and - (for a girl) is disgusting.

    very well written within the limit. says it all.

    you know partha sir, somehow I missed the rest of your 55 fictions. will give them a read as soon as possible.

  2. Dear Partha,
    Good Morning!
    Practise what one preaches!
    People like Sally speaks for the public and lives for herself.
    Thanks for making readers aware,Partha,the bitter truth!
    Salute to all the martyrs today and kindly remember to pray for the great souls at 11a.m today being Martyrs' Day!
    Wishing you a lovely day ahead,

  3. In our country we are
    ~ VERY HAPPY ~
    with a girl or a boy...
    NO differents !!!

    I understand your
    ~ significance ~ from your
    55 word fiction ;)

    Have a nice sunday

  4. Now there is a rule that hospitals should not reveal these things because the love for boy child is high n our society and girl child is made to vanish from the womb itself.

  5. short but an effective-message packed.

    practice is not like preaching ...

  6. Well, the doctor especially in India must not reveal the sex of the foetus. And, though this applies to a large majority, I know that I begged God to give me a girl. And, I know a lot of other mothers who have craved a girl. This is a great step. Yet, not welcoming the girl child still stays a norm in this society of ours sadly.

  7. Uhm..on the contrary...even if I am not a feminist...people say, that most times, I sound like one..and to the tell the truth there was tinch of disappointment when I knew it was a boy for had really wished for a Girl...but he is my life.boy or girl..he is part of me...born from me..Wish every humanbeing thought so...

  8. well all have those hypocrites in our lives. Sigh.

    Nothing makes me more mad.

  9. those were very powerful 55 words of fiction ...!

  10. nice.. liked the way the message is send..

  11. Ironical that a girl had a frown when she knew she would have a daughter!

  12. To have daughters is a great blessing..!