Friday, September 23, 2011

The retribution

Shuklaji, a second rung politician in his spotless white clothes and bushy moustache was surrounded by his sidekicks. The day’s newspaper was lying before him. He was fretting and fuming in anger as he saw the screaming headlines. He knew who it was who made his life miserable with his investigative journalism and relentless exposure of all his misdeeds. The rascal, whistle blower as he called himself, was again at it splashing every detail of his latest forcible occupation of someone’s house in a central locality and dispossessing the timid owner of his only asset by threat, intimidation and assault. Shuklaji’s steady rise from the poster-pasting days to the present senior position in the hierarchy is marked by unabashed crime and violence. The reporter was targeting him with his exposes almost on a daily basis even when Shuklaji had done no harm personally to him. The top party honchos were not pleased with the negative publicity and pulled him up for his avariciousness and the brazen manner he went about in his misdeeds. They wanted him to square up the matter with the journalist so that party’s name is not sullied.

Shuklaji sent his emissary to the reporter with a packet of huge money to buy his silence. Although living in ordinary circumstances, the reporter refused to succumb to the blandishments and sent the emissary away. When he was threatened with dire consequences if he did not refrain from his exposes, the reporter reportedly smiled and dared him to. All the efforts of Shuklaji to bring the foolish man around had failed. Today’s article was the last straw. The politician decided to put a permanent end to what he perceived as a menace and threat to his freedom and political future.

The politician had chosen an ordinary car with a changed number plate and was waiting on the road in the car with his sidekick outside the reporter’s home. A short while later the young reporter emerged with his wife and child and was starting his scooter.Shuklaji hailed a shoe shine boy who was in the road platform and asked him “Will you do me a small help? I will give you 100 rupees. Just take this small packet to the person who is getting ready with his scooter and hand it over to him. If he asks who had given the packet, tell him someone whom you didn’t know. Come and tell me that you have given and another hundred rupee note awaits you.”

When the boy agreed, he collected a packet from his sidekick and handed over the boy along with a hundred rupee note urging him to hurry up before the man on the scooter left.

When the boy ran with the packet to the reporter and narrated what he was told, the reporter told the boy that he did not want it .He said “Take it back fast to the person who gave you and hand it over to him whether he wants it or not. Do it immediately before he leaves.”

As Shuklaji and his sidekick were waiting for the boy to return to report the successful accomplishment, the boy returned unseen from the other side of the car. After keeping the packet silently inside the car through the open window, the boy ran away afraid that the man would take back the hundred rupee note he had given.

A few minutes later the entire traffic on the road came to standstill when they heard a loud explosion from inside a car with people scurrying hither and thither for safety.


  1. What a twist!

    That's very interestingly written uncle.. Bichaara ShulklaJi... heheheh...:)

  2. Hmmm that was interestin. Liked the twist!The presence of mind of shoe shine boy & the reporter to be appreciated.

  3. I thought it may be some drugs or so... nice twist with explosion...

  4. wow..this is really good..I was just waiting that you do something like this..I wanted the journalist to be smart enough and voila..he was:)

  5. Wish this could happen more often in real life. Great ending!

  6. EXCELLENT serves the dirty politician RIGHT ..
    I like this story where a politician is given his own medicine we need to do this t othe ones in our country


  7. Was there any particular reason for naming the politician "Shuklaji"?

    Politicians from our part of the country - south are no saints.
    Good plot.

  8. superbbb twist, didn't think it would end this way!!!!

    Wish all the politicians will end like this one day!!!!
    Nice One KP

  9. Namaste...
    hmmmmmm....I see the creative juices are flowing eh.

    Great twist.

  10. ummm when the packet was handed over i 'saw the smoke'
    and there it went bleeeeff

  11. If only the evil would be punished this way!!