Wednesday, September 21, 2011


The clock struck 4.She could hardly sleep the whole night. It is exactly one year since her daughter of ten years had passed away after a brief viral fever. Her thoughts kept haunting her the whole night as she lay restless in the bed. Her husband put his arm over her and gently patting her he said “Honey, you must try to get some sleep. There is no point in hurting yourself like this. You have the school to attend to. Close your eyes and sleep.” As she snuggled closer to him, she slowly wafted into sleep even as he kept on patting her.

In the morning when she entered class six, she saw this new girl in the front row. She was not in uniform but in a nice blue denim skirt and a white top with polka dots of blue colour.The girl around 11 years was extremely fetching with a twinkle in the corner of her eyes.Sunita asked her ‘What is your name? You seem a new entrant.”

“Yes, Ma’m.I joined today.Sunaina is my name” she replied

Sunita stood dazed in disbelief. Her daughter was also Sunaina.”Will you repeat your name please?” she said.

“Sunaina, Madam” the girl replied in soft voice.

Even as she started the lessons, she could not take her eyes off the new girl who kept smiling at her. There was a strange sensation of peace in Sunita and she felt light in heart after the sleepless night. As the class ended, the girls left their note books on Sunita’s table with their homework done. She took the note books home as she is wont to for correction.

She was thinking about the new girl and could not but compare her with her daughter who would have also been 11.What a coincidence not only in their names being the same but also the smile in their faces. Suddenly she rummaged through the books to see whether the new girl had also left her note book as she had a vague memory of the girl walking up to her table along with others at the end of class. She could easily find the one as it had no cover like the notebooks of other girls. Wondering what she could have written as she had no homework to do, she opened the page to read. She found this written boldly and in beautiful handwriting.

“Dear Mom,
I am the sweet and protective angel come to be with you always. Do not grieve if you do not see me but take heart that I am always there beside you and watching you.
With love,

Sunita had goose bumps as she read the lines and rushed to open the door for her husband who had just returned from office. Seeing her flustered and in a bewildered state, he asked her “Sunita, what happened? You seem agitated. Are you keeping well?”

“You will be amazed. One new girl of our Sunaina’s age joined my class today. Beautiful and smiling, she bears a close resemblance to our daughter. When I was going through home work note books, I found this note from her. Please see. I will fetch the note book” she said as she hurried to get the note book.

“I see a blank page, Sunita.I don’t see anything written on it. Are you imagining? Are you feeling well?”he asked with concern.

She snatched the note book from his hands and saw the note clearly. ”Have you become blind or what? It is as clear and prominent as your nose on your face” she said angrily.

He saw again and said “Change your dress. Let us go to doctor. You need a tranquilizer to soothe your nerves. You need some rest also.I will have a wash and change the dress. Meanwhile get ready”

She saw the note again and again and started crying inconsolably. She felt a tiny hand on her shoulders gently patting her. Sunita was certain about what was written.

The next day reached the school a few minutes earlier than usual. When she entered the class, she could not see Sunaina to her great disappointment. After the class she went to the school office and asked “Any information about the new girl Sunaina who had joined my class yesterday”She hasn’t turned up today.”

“No, Sunita madam. No girl joined the school or your class yesterday. What are you talking about?” asked the clerk in the office.

As she stood dazed,Sunita again felt the soft hands of a child on her shoulders


  1. I wished there was something more....:)

  2. Another gripping post. Though it is a figment of our mind, it happens when we lose our loved one. Unbelievable but i did go through such hallucinations too when I lost my sister.

  3. Oh may be mommy gone crazy, or such things as spirits do exist.. But it would tempt her to want her daughter more.. right? soft story...

  4. What I couldn't take was a young child dying...

    I am sad too


  5. I 'm beginning to believe that you have a good sense of twist in the tale.And also I guess I'm lucky to be reading your posts. Thanks . Do churn out little gems like these.

  6. hi

    this is really touching. It is not uncommon to hallucinate when someone is extremely depressed.

  7. It is so sad. I wonder if it was nice that she saw that apparition or it would be better if she hadn't so she could move on and eventually reconcile with the loss. As a mother, I can imagine her loss and pain.

  8. Sad. This is how people ultimately cope up with loss. :(

  9. loved it GP
    cn't say much ...nothing would suffice...

  10. Sent goosebumps as i read the story!!

  11. Applaud s…
    Though it s signed off with a sad note, I guess this is a superb story. It leaves us with a great deal to mull over…

  12. Namaste.....
    hmmmmm, loss an inevitable part of life.