Friday, October 14, 2011

55 W fiction

1. Welcome
He had not seen his grandparents in India. He has seen them only in mom’s photo album. He was happy to see them in all smiles along with his eldest sister welcoming him. Where are his parents and other siblings, he wondered? He looked down to see them all crying in the hall at his home

2. Despicable

It was dark and raining. She was again missing in the night. It happened frequently. Despite the vigil she gives the slip, a dirty slut.It is frustrating to stir out in dark to find her engaged in despicable act somewhere. He decided to throw her out. He found her near a puddle with another dog.

3. Birthday gift

Arun madly in love with Agnes was in wonderful relationship with her.Oflate he felt she was cold and distant. May be she was busy with work. Tomorrow is his birthday. He opened with excitement the packet from Agnes. She hasn’t forgotten. Obviously she is in love. Inside a tiny box was his ring.

4. Cost of a wink
Immigration over, he got his baggage quickly. Avoiding eye contact and heart pounding he passed through green channel. She was standing a little away smiling at him. What a stunning beauty, twenty-eight at most. He returned her smile with a faint wink. She came over and whispered “Please come aside and open your boxes”

5. Pride

Lata entered the restaurant with her friends
“Get us masala dosa and coffee” she told the server.
Lingering he asked “Do you recognize me,?”
She betrayed no sign of recognition.
“Balu from RKM School, Chennai” he said
“Sorry, I don’t remember” she replied
Another server brought them the food.
Embarrassment avoided, she saved her pride


  1. You have covered it all - sad,witty,funny & moral. Loved them all :) - well, except the first one :(

  2. Wow! yet another interesting post. 1 & 3 are touching, while 5 speaks of a lot of attitude.
    Keep them coming!

  3. 4th is the best..first one is very touching...and in the last one, girls like her are despicable.

  4. last one struck me GP
    have seen many ppl doing's really painful...

    and of course the second one as i said yesterday :))

  5. Interesting and varied tit bits!
    But how cruel could Agnes get..I think she was a good riddance for Arun.. and what is wrong in being friends with a server? I dont understand her pride :-)

  6. I liked the cost of the wink the best. :)

  7. 1st...felt sad.

    2nd one is fun!

    3rd...Agnes is a cruel woman, she could have handed over the ring, if she wanted to, in person.

    4th...I was laughing loudly for this story! Very nice!

    5th...false pride. But good story, Partha Sir.

  8. A decent anthology of feelings, moods and situations .
    Check the movie "I love New York". It will be a good experience.

  9. That’s an oasis…
    That last one…hmmm sheer pride!!
    (it reminded me of the new airtel ad, advantage of having a friend in hotel :P)

  10. That is what i always say.. you are the king of 55 fiction! (in my eyes..) I loved all of them... my fav were despicable.. and pride..

  11. WOW you managed to say so much in such few word!! Amazing!

  12. I have such a hard time doing these. I suppose I am too detailed :-). But you did these beautifully :-)

  13. I love your 55ers. In just 55 words, you convey a lot

  14. 1st one is very nice.. all the others too.. but there is so much story packed in those 55 words

  15. Amazing is what I can say..wish was even half as good...words just betray one when thoughts want to flow down through memories.

  16. Oh my the first story.. thats heartbreaking .. but secretly I want that too Go away before everyone .. I cant take the pain of someone dieing ...

    3. Thats sad too.. returning it on the b'day itself SAD...


  17. The good!

    The bad!

    And the ugly! All taken care of!

    Nice blog

  18. Good stories. I think writing 55 fiction is tougher than longer ones as you have to express the story within those no. of words.

  19. Beautifully done...your words made the visualization so easy....enjoyed it very nuch!

    Take care

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