Sunday, October 23, 2011

The mysterious caller

Anasuya was having tea with her friend Sujata and chatting as they do almost daily. The latter, a friendly lady, lived in the opposite apartment. Anasuya had started living in this place since six months after her marriage with Akhil.She had not taken up a job since coming to the city busy as she was with a long honeymoon and settling down in a new place. The phone rang.

”Hello, yes this is Anasuya.Who is calling?” said Anasuya.There was some silence.”Why do you give me a ring daily without telling who you are and what do you want? I will be constrained to report to police if you trouble me again” she said before slamming the receiver.

She wiped the perspiration on her forehead in the AC hall and sat down with a visible worry lines on her face.”What is that? From whom is the call?”asked Sujata.

The phone rang again.Anasuya ignored it till the ring died away after some time.”I really don’t know but this guy has been pestering me since a fortnight and the calls have become more frequent. He wouldn’t tell who he is but seems to know everything about me. That makes me scary” said Anasuya

Knowing well that Anasuya is extremely fetching, Sujata asked “Is the guy flirting? Is he showing any romantic interest in you? Could it be someone you knew before marriage, a colleague or class mate?”

“Flirting….not very much but he did say once that we meet and get to know each other better. I shouted at him and slammed the receiver even as he was giggling at the other end. I don’t think I know this guy through his voice seems familiar” Anasuya replied

“You said that he knew everything about you. What do you mean by that?” asked Sujata.

“He knows what and where I had studied, where I worked, who my people are and even more minute details. I wondered whether it could be any relative of mine or someone known to my family. But I don’t see anyone like that” Anasuya said.”One more thing comes to my mind about his having said he is an IIT and IIM product and very well employed with a huge pay packet. I said who cares and asked him to desist ringing”

“Did you confide to your hubby? You seem to have no ex boyfriends. Why not tell him and seek the help of police?”asked Sujata

“I did tell him and sought his help to put an end to this nuisance. He simply laughed and said it must be some cranky fellow telephoning from different public booths. He said the best thing is not to respond but put the receiver down and the guy will give up after sometime. I do that always but when that guy tells me something that he is not expected to know, I get curious and ask him how he knew”

“Tell me like what” asked Sujata

“Like, that I looked best in the yellow Bengali cotton sari or that he was fascinated by the intricately embroidered salwar suit with sequined patchwork that I wore that day. He knew what I wear each day. Don’t you feel it unnerving to be in the constant gaze of an unseen stranger? My hubby doesn’t seem to realize the mental tension that I go through” said Anasuya

“Okay, tell me when you had your bath and wore this blue salwar today? Early in the morning or leisurely after seeing your hubby off?” asked Sujata

“I was lazy today, Suji, after watching a late night movie in the TV.I usually take bath on getting up but today I had my shower and change of my dress only after seeing off my hubby” Anasuya replied.

It was then the phone rang. Sujata immediately told her friend “Do not disconnect if the call is from the guy. Talk to him and ask him what you are wearing today since he seemed to know everything”. She nodded her head

“Hey, I told you not to disturb but you persist. Since you profess to know everything about me, tell me what dress I am wearing now. This should call your bluff.”

There was a long silence and the call was disconnected.Anasuya waited for some time. She got only a call from Akhil and after pleasantries he was asking whether the guy troubled her today.

When she told Sujata, she said “I now know for certain who the unknown caller is. You may be in for a shock but it is a fact. Shall I tell you?”

“Yes, go ahead” replied Anasuya

“The mysterious caller is your hubby.Is he a suspicious type? Is he possessive and insecure that you are very beautiful compared to his plain look? Be frank” I have a feeling he keeps testing you Sujata said

Anasuya kept silent for long. When prodded she said “Yes, I think so. He will always be monitoring whom I talk to when we go to parties. I felt his stare from behind always. He is suspicious alright but has not accused me. I have caught him reading my diary and scanning my mobile when I go to bathroom or kitchen”

“I am so sorry. He needs counseling, I think. Confront him this evening and gently suggest that he needs professional help. But be firm. I hope everything will work out well’ Sujata consoled her


  1. Mysterious can be anxious !!


  2. Very Interesting indeed. :) Suspicious Hubby! Well narrated. :)

  3. seems very true...i know of one of my friends who was bugged so much by her husband- he used to make his friend call her...they finally had a bitter divorce. Men like these need immediate counselling.

  4. Dear Partha,
    I knew who is the caller! Guessing was easy.I liked your narration!I always wonder how well you describe the salwar suit or sarees!:)What minute observation!
    For a change why don't you name your character Anupama?:)
    Akhil's character is common.He must have changed his voice while talking to Anasooya.

  5. Another thriller? Very well written! You seem to observe minute details of your surroundings and people. The details are very well said.

  6. I could guess the caller, but was anxious as to how she would respond.
    actually i was shocked to see my friend, whom I met after long years, having such grey shade in his character..
    I didn't want to be too much nosy in the few hours I met him..

  7. Woww!! Quite Interesting Write Up :) :) Enjoyed Reading.

  8. I guessed it in the beginning!

    This kinda incident happens with many..sad ..but true!

    Nice write up!

  9. Namaste.....
    hmmmmmmmmmmmmm....if that was her husband, that is problematic and does not bode well for her.

    interesting my friend, seems you have many stories running around your system and tickling your head..hehe.

    Keep it coming.

  10. I must say that the caller was written all over from the beginning itself.

    Why do not you try at something more perky or serious and well plotted?
    Just a suggestion.So that it will not be run off the mill. I think you can.

  11. .... in continuation let me also admit that such freaks are mamy among men as they are among women.

  12. .... in continuation let me also admit that such freaks are many among men as they are among women.

  13. KP
    Have read quite a few of your posts. All are crisp & well written & enjoyable.Keep it up.

  14. I knew it too! I thought you would write about how he sought help and corrected himself...

    Alas, you left it hanging...

    How are you KP Sir! America seems empty without you and Amma leaving... I am sure your daughter can attest to that!

  15. Nice one..just one couldnt she recognise her husband's voice?

  16. My! an intersting story indeed! Suspicion and over posessive nature can lead to a a psychological block and uncanny behaviour many a time!

  17. Yea, it generally happens. Nicely written. :)

  18. Interesting story…
    but I guess, you let the cat out of the bag with your very title :P

    and given the fact that you are a genius with twists, we could always guess there was something awaiting...

  19. Good one! Though I did guess initially. Loved the narration.

  20. Like a few of them I too guessed it well before. But as always an interesting read it was.

  21. Great going from beginning to end...such husbands need a lesson to learn.. how about a next part:-)

  22. My god.. that was a real twist in the climax! But yeah there are many men who are suspcious! Doesn't work well in any marriage !

  23. This was pretty interesting.
    Was trying to finish this story since this was posted today I finally managed to :P

    none of ur readers seem to be surprised I was but :P

    does that make me sound dumb?? :P

  24. Ha ha! very funny! :) nice tension build up.. as always!