Thursday, March 8, 2012

How Sheela clinched the job

Sheela was waiting in the hall for her turn to be called in. Already about 11 men had gone in. There were four more waiting including her. From the bits of information she could gather, she learnt there was only one vacancy. Some said when they came out of the interview room, they suspected it was all a sham from the indifferent way questions was put and that they must have chosen the candidate already. She had all along been working on temporary vacancies for a few months. Since she last worked, three months had passed and it was difficult to make both ends meet with meager savings. She had her sick father and mother to look after. Sheela needed this job badly. She prayed to all Gods for their grace. She was hungry and tired both physically and mentally. All the four men had finished. She was the only one to be called. There was no call from inside. It took unusually longer time. Her heart beat fast and was perspiring heavily.After what looked infinity, she heard her name being called.

With prayers in her heart and papers in hand she entered with hesitation. There were three persons with an elderly man in grey hairs and glasses in the centre. He smiled at her and said “Sheela, is it. Please take your seat”

”Thanks, Sir” she said as she took her seat.

“So you are the last candidate. You must have been waiting for a long time” he said in a kind tone.

Another person who was looking at her papers asked her “I see you have not stayed in any company for more than three or four months. Why is it so? Do you find it difficult to stay on at a place for long?”

“It is not my fault, Sir. All of them are short term temporary leave vacancies. I would very much desire to work for very long in one place. I have been unlucky so far” she replied

The third gentleman said “As a result you have not been able to accumulate enough skill and experience as your tenure came to an end. We have interviewed candidates with longer experience” But he did not expect any answer from her as he turned to the senior man in the middle seat.

The elderly man smiled at her again and asked her “Can you tell us why you think you deserve this job?”

She wiped the perspiration from her forehead and said “I am the only daughter. My father is sick and not working. My mom is unlettered. My family runs on my income. I am without a job for the last three months”

One of the men intervened to say “Most of the candidates who attended the interview are without jobs even for longer periods. Tell us something different.”

“I am academically bright. I am hardworking and I am sure you will not regret your selection in case you give me the job” she replied

“That is what everyone says”

The older man gently prodded her asking “Please give me one convincing reason why I should tilt the scale in your favour.Take your time to reply”

She did not take much time to reply.”Sir, today there were 15 candidates and I am the lone female. Today happens to be Woman’s day when internationally it is regarded as a day of celebration in honour of women giving them respect, appreciation and love and help them in their economic and social achievement. I feel Sir this is a valid reason” she said with a smile
All the three let out peals of laughter and said “You won”


  1. I really would have liked a different ending. I did not like the fact that Sheela got the job just because she was a woman and it was Women's Day. Sheela should never have given that reason and no company should hire for this reason. I usually love your stories but this ending disappointed me!!

  2. So, is she being given a job because she is a woman??? Not appealing:(

  3. Dear Partha,
    Happy Holi!
    Thanks a bunch for your respect and care for the women! I appreciate and congratulate you,partha for this wonderful post!
    You are smarter and the climax is amazing!I enjoyed reading each line!
    Sheela is wise and her wisdom is recognised !
    I am happy,here's a blogger who has dedicated a post to all the women!
    Thanks once again!

  4. Hmmm... I wouldn't have hired her if I were interviewing her.

  5. While Sheela was quick witted, I think her reason is not valid. I would prefer to get a job on my merit rather than on such grounds. Apologies,first of your less appealing stories.

  6. A different story, this time :)
    A person who has responsibilities but does not have a job will bend in some way to get one, so I agree with her answer.

  7. hmmm did not like it , I would not hire her either using this as a point she is a woman ..

    job shud be given on merit not because of gender


  8. Firstly happy that you wrote something to celebrate women's day :).. That's indeed sweet.. What didn't click with me is..when first asked why she deserved the job job..first thing she did was to explain her despair..she should have highlighted her academic things right :).. i like what she said about economic & social development :D

  9. not a convincing response but looks like she has tickled the funny bones of the interviewers

  10. That was a well thought out plot. I like it the way she said it with boldness and from the hip

  11. The intention behind this post is very sweet and is to be highly appreciated. Having said that, I think I wouldnt have hired her for this answer, :-)

  12. Partha Sir, the interviewers were hardened individuals and did not appreciate the plight of the lady. Normally gentlemen help ladies. But Sir in your story Sheela had to cite Woman's day as the men forgot basic manners.

  13. By your usual standards, i was expecting a much better reply from the Girl. Still Nice :-)