Monday, March 12, 2012

Who is Komal’s benefactor?

Komal had a strange dream early in the morning.Komalavalli thayar, the consort of the Presiding deity Aravamudhan of Sarangapani temple, asked her in the dream to visit Her shrine at 9am and that She would bless her personally. When she woke up from the dream, she was perspiring heavily and excited with awe. Strange as the dream may seem, Komal prayed daily to the goddess to bless her with a good husband. She dared not tell her mom about the dream lest she thought her daughter had gone soft on head. Nevertheless she confided to her friend Pankaja in the adjacent flat who said ”Komal, do not ignore this command. Perhaps the Goddess has a plan for you. Though I too have my reservations on Her meeting you in person, what harm could there be by visiting Her shrine which you do in any case daily.”

Komal was 27 working in a bank and living with her mom. With dad long dead and no relatives to take personal care, there was no effort in finding a good match for her. Being shy, she had no guts to find one on her own. When she reached thayar’s shrine, there were not many devotees who were seen in large number at the main shrine. After her prayers, she sat down with her eyes closed before the sanctum thinking of the dream. She woke up with a start when she heard a gentle voice “Kannamma, I am happy to see you offering your prayers so sincerely. What is your name?”

Komal turned to find an elderly lady in dark maroon sari with lot of jewelry and large bindi on her forehead. She had smiling eyes and a face with indescribable charm that evoked respect. “Komala is my name but friends call me Komal” she said

“So you are a namesake of the Goddess. What a happy coincidence? I have seen you many times here but have not spoken to you. Tell me where you live and about you.”

After ferreting out the information and some light pleasantries, she moved away. Komal sat there waiting for the Goddess to make Her promised appearance or give some clue. When nothing happened, and she was about to move, the priest from within the sanctum called her and gave her some flowers taken from the feet of Goddess. She was surprised by this unusual attention and went back home happily.

As she was narrating the happening to Pankaja, a big car drew up before that apartment and a lady who seemed affluent got down with a young man. She made enquiries with watchman before knocking Komal’s door. Pankaja was also there.

“We belong to Kumbakonam but are settled in California. We came here to visit our ancestral home and the temples of the town. It brought nostalgic memories of the past. One lucky thing happened this morning when we were at Sarangapani temple. An elderly lady on her own accosted us and said she knew my dad, his father and the members of our family. We were somehow drawn towards her possibly by her dignified bearing and the warmth that exuded from her” said the old lady as she came in.

Komal’s mother was pleased that they were also from Kumbakonam and warmly welcomed them.

The young man made himself at ease as he sat on a sofa. He was around 30 tall and looked handsome with kumkum on his forehead.

The lady continued “You may be wondering why I came here. That elderly lady suggested that I visit your place and seek the hand of your daughter for my son here. She said that she knows Komal well and that she would be an ideal match even as she gave all the details about her.”

Komal wondered how the elderly lady knew all details except the name which she told her and looked at Pankaja..Komal’s mom asked that lady “Did she tell you who that elderly is and where she stays? I am not able to place any such person readily”

“That elderly lady said only this much. That her name is also Komalavalli and she is a resident of this town for very long time. I did not also pursue the matter as I was keen on coming here and meeting you all. Coming to the purpose of the visit, my son Chakra is an engineer and well employed in US. We are planning to relocate to Bangalore. We like Komal and he would like to have a few words with her”

“Komal’s mom looked at Pankaja and told her “We are happy at the outcome whoever the old lady at the temple is. Why don’t you ask Komal for her views after her talk with the young man, Pankaja?”

When Chakra and Komal came out of the room smiling, Pankaja said “I know her answer. I also seem to know who the old lady at the temple who recommended Komal is. I think Komal would also have guessed by now”

Everyone turned to Komal and Pankaja wanting to know who the old lady is. Both of them kept mum but were seen smiling.


  1. Interesting. So much so for divine intervention. I have always believed that the Divine manifests in various forms at appropriate times reinforcing our belief.

  2. Ah! Nice one, divine manifestation:) Cheerful read, KP!

  3. :) Divine intervention :)Good one

  4. Ah. Fairy Tale indeed. Nice one sir :-)

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  6. I love happy endings n sply when a girl like konali got a chance to live happily with no stress n no pain here after :)

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