Monday, June 18, 2012

The Literary Jewels

I have the good fortune to know Ms Amritbir Kaur for the last four years. She is a lecturer in English by profession. She writes poetry both in English and Punjabi has published an anthology of poems titled Pages of life. Currently she is translating Khuswant Singh's 'Sunset Club'. She writes for news papers and her articles have appeared in Speaking tree of Times of India

She is owning and editing an online magazine The Literary Jewels ( This magazine though deals mainly with literary and writing activities covers other forms of creative effort. It provides a platform for budding and aspiring writers.Amritbir Kaur also offers various other services like book reviews, publishing of books, and preparation of magazines.

She has two other blogs Guru Mehar-The Blessing of God and Photography

She has very graciously published one of my stories Sulochana’s delight in her latest issue April-June 2012 (pages 13&14) Please go through the entire magazine and give feed back to the editor at


  1. Nice magazine. Will get to reading it entirely and giving feedback. :)

    Prose, Poetry and Photography

  2. congrats sir.. and yeah i know of amritbir I use to visit her blog a long time back

    thanks for the mention again will visit her for sure and read your story tooo


  3. A nice feel-good story, Sir. Yet to read the other articles. Will do so in time.

  4. I glanced through the issue.
    The attempt, I feel is good. If it gives avenues for young and inspiring budding writers it is certainly great.

    But will they be able to sustain the cost and revenue that is necessary to keep the publication afloat?

  5. Thanks for this info, I will check out..

  6. Congratulations, Partha Sir! Will go and have a look at the issue now. You are going places!

  7. Congratulations.. :) I never visited her blog or the magazine but will surely do it now.

  8. Congratulations KP ! A well deserved recognition.

  9. and thats real Jewel in your crown sir...
    i m so glad to read this piece... and nice to know about this person....
    thanks for sharing...

  10. That’s a real jewel in your crown sir… congratulations
    I m so glad to read this piece
    and nice to know about this friend of yours,..
    Thanks for sharing….

  11. Congrats, KP. Happy to see she is promoting good writers. Welldone.

  12. Congratulations! Great work.
    But, I cannot understand why someone would want to translate Sunset Club?

  13. Congrats and that's really wonderful!