Saturday, July 14, 2012

Prayer answered

It was dusk. The air was cool and the sky was turning darkish blue. There was no breeze, no rustling of leaves and everything was quiet. Even the birds had returned to their perches.Basanti was sitting in the comfortable chair in the front porch watching vacantly the empty road. She was 65 but looked older for her age what with the strict instructions on her diet and movements.

Sharath came by her side with a tray that had two cups of tea with Marie biscuits. As he sat down by her side after stroking her head, he could see a faint smile in her face. These days she hardly smiled and there was mostly pain in her face that she tried hard to conceal whenever he came by her side. He took the cup and gave it in her hand. “I think you will like this. I added tulsi, your favourite flavour.”He put his arm around her and said “Isn’t it very quiet this evening. May be it will rain in the night”

She smiled weakly and replied”Yes, unusually quiet. I don’t like it and am scared. I do not wish to leave you behind alone. You are yourself not boasting of a good health with your weak heart and arthritis. My only worry is you would refuse to go to Ananth at Germany. I know you are uncomfortable at his house with his German wife though she is a very nice person. This thought about you rankles my mind more than my physical discomfort.

“Don’t be silly. You are not leaving me behind. Banish such thoughts. It is getting chill. Let us go inside and watch your favourite serial of songs contest. Thanks to you I have also grown to like the young kids showing their amazing talent”

He led her carefully to her bed inside holding her arm and switched on the TV. The song of an old Lata number reverberated in the room and if one closed the eyes, one cannot distinguish the original from the copy.”This girl Ruchika is good and I think she will become famous one day” Basanti said.

"True, she has an awesome voice and a reach that is incredible” he replied and looked at her.

Her eyes were closed and suddenly a fear overcame him. He gently felt her forehead and relieved placed his hand on her palm. It was rather cold.”Basant”he called her softly and when she did not respond repeated. This time she opened her eyes and said “Do not worry. Close the kitchen, TV and doors and lie by my side.

He came back soon, sat by her side, and gently massaged her arms that always pained.”You are a blessing for me, so understanding and loving. The touch of your hands is soothing. I am very happy but feel sleepy. Put your arm over me when I sleep and your proximity gives me assurance. I pray to God that we should be together always” she said

“Do not worry. I will always be with you. Sleep now” he said as he stroked her hair. She fell asleep soon there after

It was 6.15 am. She heard noise of the newspaper being thrown into the porch. She turned and found her husband sleeping still. She wondered why as he usually got up at 5am,had his bath did some puja and boiled milk. He would always be at her side with a cup of tea at 7 am when she usually got up.

She thought he is also aging and must be tired. She dozed off again to be woken by shrill bell of the maid. She found him still sleeping and went to open the door.

When she came near him along with the maid, she called him gently. When there was no response she touched his forehead and found it lukewarm. She felt his palm and found it cold. Worried she shook him by his cheek when his head fell on his side. She let out a shriek that was heard over entire block even as she fell over his chest.

The maid rushed out brought the neighbours in the apartment complex. One of them a doctor examined them and pronounced them as no more. Evidently God had answered her prayers


  1. Aww...nice story sir. I am so scared to think of old age and death. I know eventually all of us has to be there one day. If you don't mind, a very small typo. I think it should be, she found him still sleeping.

    1. Thanks a bunch.I have since corrected.You can always write to me at

  2. Nice but sad story!. At least, her fears did not come true. But, alas, I do not ilke such sad endings. I would have loved a happy ending. But life is not always what we want. Very well narrated.

  3. We all wish to live together and die together, and in their case, the prayer was indeed answered.It is difficult to live alone whether it is a man or a woman, but not everyone is so fortunate. Lovely ending.

  4. Beautifully written sad story. Means so much to be an understanding & supportive of each other. Good one KP Uncle.

  5. So sad...but true, this is the condition of about half the senior population these days- unwanted, uncared for. Love the way you finished the story, they both are blessed to die together. Think of the unlucky ones stuck behind...Heart rending story, KP.

  6. This was so touching and emotionally moving story. You brought out the love between them so stirringly. The story touched a deep chord inside me and the ending brought a tear to my eyes. Beautifully written.

  7. Very touching story!Partha Sir!
    In times of joy and sorrow Sharath and Basanti have been there for each other and that comes only out of immense love for each other, to take each other's pain and grief and make their own. "When you cry I cry and when you hurt I hurt".

    We rarely witness such impassioned love between a couple and is a reminder for us all to cherish our spouse while we are still capable of giving more love.

  8. oh my godddddd very touching... So much bonding from life to death.
    Love, togetherness so much between them...loving truly is like praying and yes their prayers were aswered...

    Lovely post KP.

  9. very lucky couple. Not every one gets this kinda peace !

  10. They got lucky I guess. I always remind myself that we came alone n we go alone when I can not manage my thoughts about this subject any more. Beautiful story, actually happened in Mysore recently , which was shown on TV.

  11. EK dujekeliye..If it ends like this for everyone it would be good..Life becomes difficult for elderly when they they lose their life partner.

  12. A very touching story. Brought tears. But gives a sound message at the same time.

  13. One lucky Couple whom even death could not do apart. Lovely story Sir.