Saturday, July 21, 2012

Very short stories

Tit for tat
The station was crowded and the train about to start.

"Do you have change for 1000 rupees?" asked the guy in jeans with a. suitcase on wheels"Let me see" the well dressed man said and took out his purse."Sorry, I can give only two 500 rupee notes"

"Okay, please give.iit is easier to change a 500 rupee note" he said as the notes were exchanged"Thank you" he said and hurried his way.

There was a satisfied grin on the face of jeans guy for palming off a fake note while the well dressed man was cursing elsewhere "Bastard,he thinks he cheated me and will soon realize the counterfeit 500s in his possession"


Ashok saw the beggar daily under the shade of a tree at the corner of his street. The beggar would invariably seek alms by making the coins in the tin container jingle..Ashok would just ignore and walk away. Still this ritual will take place daily.

One Sunday afternoon Ashok got down from a three wheeler at the corner. He had to pay 72 rupees but had only 100 rupee notes. The auto guy said he had no change as they always did to extract more. There were no shops nearby.Ashok in a quandary asked the auto driver how much he had. He extended a ten rupee note.Ashok had no option but to accept it

.It was then the beggar called "Ayya, I will give you change" and took notes in denominations of ten and five to give him 100 rupees. After disposing of the auto driver, Ashok gave the beggar ten rupees.

.He declined saying “I was just helping you seeing your predicament. If I take the money, it would be business"

Ashok was rendered speechless and felt small before the beggar's magnanimity.

Palani was waiting for his bus on route 37D.The frequency of the bus due to poor traffic was less in the afternoons and came once in 45 minutes. An old woman frail and weak was sitting at the bus stop on a bench with a crutch by her side.

She asked him" Son, will you tell me when 25Ebus comes. I cannot see or read. .Please also help me get into the bus as I cannot climb alone even with crutch."

"Do not worry, Patti. (Grandma) .I will surely help you"

It was hot and sultry with no bus in sight. There was no roof to offer shade..There were no other persons waiting.After 15 minutes two buses came one behind the other. You have guessed it right. The first one was 37 D his bus followed by 25E.Palani made no attempt to take his bus but signaled 25E to wait and carefully led the old woman to the entrance almost holding her in his arm. He lifted her bodily to get in with conductor's assistance. The old woman smiled at him as if to thank him.

Bus 37D had left and he continued to wait for another 45 minutes but was happy in his heart.


  1. The 2 nd one is the best...liked the 3rd one too....nice cute little stories..

  2. all three are great stories, though loved the second and third one..:-)

  3. Three great short stories also with a morla in each. All are good.

  4. Nice KP. Three short stories in one go reminds me of rapid fire chess by Viswanathan Anand !

  5. Good One KP, all value based. really nice.

  6. Good ones. I really liked the second one.

  7. simple & short yet strong in values!! :)

    --Ramya Ranganathan

  8. Ah very good twist in first one
    Beautiful message in second and third.
    How can you fill so many things in just so few words :D
    Awesome KP Loved them all.

  9. Palani is my type :-)loved all these little stories!

  10. Nice one Sir .. enjoyed the first one :)


  11. The short stories are really nice Sir. Enjoyed reading them :-)

  12. I loved all the 3. They are really moving. Just random acts and such powerful stories!

  13. these short ones are always a treat! i especially like the second one.

  14. Ahaa…
    That’s refreshing… such changes are always welcome especially when they come in concise packs such as these… liked the first 2 more than the last one…

  15. Lovely, KP. Loved Compassion the best. It is indeed hard to see people with such values these days...Nice reads, keep bringing more such posts:)

  16. Loved the last story i wonder can we find people like palani??

  17. Nice one kp. An unfinished read. Reading you from my phone. Amity