Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Ambuja wore a worried look when she brought her young and beautiful daughter of 20 to the clinic
The doc came out with grim face from the examination room.
“12 weeks” he said
“Oh my god, I never allowed her alone without one of us.A sweet young innocent thing she hardly knows anything. Never allowed her to see even adult movies. .How did it happen?”
“How would I know? With dogs around the bitch is never safe is an old adage.
“But she had no boy friend or dated any one, I am sure”
“That is what you have been told by her. I am sure you are not tailing behind her whenever she goes out”
“Oh my god. She is in the final year of college and cannot afford to have a baby. It will ruin and shatter the reputation of our family. You must do something. Please, I beg of you, doctor” cried the woman
“OK, send her in. I will have a word with her”
After a few minutes with the doctor, the girl came out and sent her mom inside.
“I have talked to her. Brace yourself to hear the news. It is your neighbour’s son. They have been in love and meeting whenever chance presented. They never expected this outcome. He is keen to marry her. He has finished his final management course. I know their family as they are my patients too” the doctor said.
“That wily Shakunthala? I know she has always been jealous of me and our wealth. It is a ploy by her to grab it through her son courting my only daughter.No; I do not want this baby. You must terminate it at any cost” she pleaded.
“It is illegal. Even if I do on some medical grounds I would need the consent of the young man. Talk to your neighbor and come along with them and your daughter. We will find some way out” said the doctor. He also added “I will also talk to them. I don’t think Shakunthala is after your wealth for they are very rich by themselves. May be, she is jealous because you have a beautiful and talented daughter. She has no girl and only a son.
The next evening both the mothers with their two children came to the clinic with basketful of fruits.
“Doctor, we had a frank discussion.Shakunthala’s son and my girl are in deep love. We thought over the tricky situation and consulted our husbands too. They would make a perfect pair and our families too are compatible socially. We would like to get them engaged very soon” Ambuja said with a smile with Shakunthala joining her.
“Congratulations! All your worry is gone. When is the marriage?”asked the doctor
“That will be soon but only after the baby hassle is solved. They are yet to settle down in a career and have a plan to go on a long honeymoon. They do not want the baby.’
“Let me hear from all of you that the marriage has been agreed upon and there is no going back” the doctor said
All of them said in chorus that marriage is final and non negotiable.
The doctor broke into a loud laughter to the great confusion of the two ladies.
“What is there to laugh about, doctor” asked Shakunthala.
“You two moms must excuse me for being a part of a drama enacted by your children. They were both afraid to break the news of their being in deep love knowing the distrust that you both had for each other. I know both the young things well and you two too. So I agreed on the condition that I cannot compromise the ethical requirements of my profession of being truthful to the patient who is a major. They just wanted to instill a sense of urgency and hence came up with the ploy of her being preggy.I did not examine her and told you what she asked me to tell you.”
Looking at Ambuja he added”Though I deceived you with a false statement, I never examined your daughter or lied to her. As they say all is well that ends well”


  1. Oh dear... this joke could have gotten horribly wrong for both of them :-)

  2. :) hahaha good one :D KP ;) a ploy :D lol :D

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    nicely wrapped though i doubt that the deception would go over so easily.

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