Monday, September 24, 2012

The boy with pride

Satwant was in a slight hurry to reach home from the  Pizza hut on the main road. He found the shortcut of the narrow and dark lane deserted. Normally he would have avoided it in the evenings for its desolate nature and foul stench but he took it today. Half way through one man in faded jeans, dirty T shirt emerged from the darkness and accosted him with a growl voice,”Gimme your wallet, if you wish to go home safe”

Satwant had lot of money in his wallet and hence hesitated. Without a warning the vagabond pulled out a gun and shot him in the belly and ran away with the wallet. As Satwant lay on the ground bleeding, he thought of his wife and children waiting for him. He wished to surprise them with pizza, cakes and ice cream. The packets lay by his side. Blood was draining out and he was slowly lapsing into drowsiness. No one passed through that road and he was slowly dying uncared for. He had no strength even to reach his mobile that lay a little away from him. Being dark a couple of passersby who went that way did not stop taking him to be a drunk. His mind turned to God.

As luck would have it, a 10 year old rag picker who came along the road saw the well dressed Satwant lying on his side. The boy reached him and called ‘Sir, why are you lying here? It is dirty”. When there was no response, the boy touched him and tried to turn him when he saw the stream of blood. The boy ran to the main road and brought a policeman. In a few minutes Satwant was rushed to a hospital in a patrol car along with the young boy.

He was rushed to the emergency and the doctors operated upon him and could save his life as he was brought in the nick of time. The policeman who waited along with the boy left after they were told the injured man though critical was out of danger.

The next day morning at 9am the boy in his dirty clothes was at the reception. The nurse at the desk recognized him and called him to ask what brought him there. The boy replied “I came to enquire the about the person operated last night”

“Are you related to him?”

“No, I found him lying in a lane after being shot and with help of police brought him here. Just came to check whether he is fine” the boy replied

“Good boy.Wait.Let me check” and she dialed some number.”He is fine and recovering well and taken to his room”

“Thanks. Would you mind my checking for a few days daily about him?”She smiled at him.

It became a daily practice for the boy to come at 9am sharp and for the nurse at the desk giving him the feedback. One day she said “I mentioned about your daily visit to the patient’s wife and the patient would like to see you. Would you go and meet him now?”

The boy hesitated looking at his dirty clothes and bare uncovered legs.”Why do you hesitate when you have been showing such concern daily? Please come. I will take you. He would be happy to see his savior” she prompted

When the boy entered the spacious private room, Satwant called him “Come here. Do not be afraid. If I am alive today, it is because of your prompt help. I am indebted to you for life”

The boy just smiled and said “It was good luck that I passed through that lane that day. I do not go there in the evenings”

“How lucky it turned out for me” Satwant said and turned towards his wife. She opened her handbag and took out two thousand rupees. When she gave it to him, the boy said “I do not need it. I just did what was a normal duty to a fellow being. Thank you” and started walking out

“Hey, come back. At least tell me where you live” shouted Satwant

“No, sir.I do not need anything “and walked out proudly

The nurse who took the boy looked at the small chap in utter disbelief and asked “Why did you refuse?”

“I am no beggar to take money for nothing though I am a rag picker. Thanks for all the help” he said and walked away without turning back. He did not come to hospital thereafter.

Satwant after he was discharged and normal could not trace the boy around the lane despite strenuous efforts.


  1. A good samaritan! God comes in all forms to help us, when we call out to him and the help is always not in the form we expect. For a 10 year old to not only help a stranger, that too in a dark alley requires a lot of courage. He then showed quick thinking by bringing the police and also showed compassion by checking on him everyday. The boy displayed a great sense of pride when refusing the reward. All traits of a good and ideal human being. Wish everyone of us could show atleast a few of these traits. Nicely written!

  2. Lovely message as usual woven with a nice story, sir. The small boy was certainly rich by his principles :-)

  3. I am not sure if this is a true story.
    But then on the other hand, there are many boys like him who are straight and upright and who goes unnoticed.

  4. The wife should not have offered money but should have spoken to him and given a job. The boy's self respect is commendable. Some are still humans!

  5. Nicely written. The boy's had great courage and great principles. Liked his self respect.

  6. AWesome story makes us think before returning virtues, we should really think what would make difference instead of thinking only about monetary terms!
    Good one KP!

  7. i guess such 'stories' do take place all around us...
    well, i didnt like the end of the story... maybe some twist would have made it more appealing i guess... this is just plain na?

    but what kept me going was the philosophy inherent in it...a touch of your karma theory is also there i guess...

  8. by the way, i liked that pict of the boy there...

  9. hard to find such people these days! that boy's picture is beautiful!

  10. Wonderful message.

  11. Rare to find such genuine gems these days but they do exist !