Wednesday, January 23, 2013

55 word fiction

He was broke when his business folded
"Any remedial measures" he asked the astrologer
"Divorce your wife; she is the cause of bad luck"
"Thanks, I shall do forthwith" he said and left
Wife gave the astrologer gratefully a hefty fee

"Why do you dress like a policeman whenever you go out? You sport a big mustache also.My friends make fun of me"
"Don't tell them that I save huge money each month with this dress"
"What nonsense? Explain how."
"Auto drivers accept whatever I give without demur. Some even refuse to take the fare"

"Is this house haunted?" the newcomer asked the man at the gate
"Who told you that crap? I live here"
"Sorry, could be wrong. I need a room for the night"
"I can accommodate you. Come in"
"Dusty and stale smelling" newcomer said as they entered.
There was an eerie laughter and none around

"Bad luck, baby, you shouldn't have come alone. I never let go good looking women “said the man to the startled lady
"Don't misbehave. You will regret"
"What do you do for living, sweetie? Remove the overcoat"
As a sledgehammer blow fell breaking the collar bone, he saw the black belt and had his answer

Found guilty
Prosecution argued the case for wife’s murder on strong circumstantial evidence. Several witnesses deposed against accused. The defendant’s advocate rested his case arguing there was no murder without body. The jury held accused guilty
As judge was ready to deliver judgment, there was pandemonium in court when a woman rushed in.
“My wife” cried accused.


  1. Once again good one's KP. First was the best, followed by 5th, 3th, 4th & 2nd.

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    I loved Prediction a lot :) awesomely written

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    thats a good tactic haha

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