Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Early buyer’s gift

I wish to end the year on a happy note.Here is an old and very short story to that end. Happy New Year to my readers
It was early in the morning. The old lady tried to reach the toy on the top shelf but she could not succeed. A young man who was in the same aisle rushed to her aid. When he handed over the toy, her eyes gleamed and asked him to check whether it is suitable for a boy of eight years. It appeared that she had forgotten her glasses. He looked at the details and found it was suitable..
She said “It is for my grandson. He has been wanting a remote controlled helicopter for his birthday. How much does it say it costs?”
“30 dollars.”
“Oh, oh. That is expensive. Please keep it back” she said.
“What was the price you were willing to spend?” he asked her softly.
“Why? Do you work here? My budget is around 15 dollars.  Is there any sale?.” she asked expectantly.
“No sale. But we are giving a gift to the first buyer today in the toys section” He pulled out a gift card from his pocket and said “. Here is a gift card for 15 dollars. You now pay only $15. It is a good deal. Happy birthday to your grandson” he said as left her in a hurry presumably to another aisle.
The old woman was grateful to Lord for her luck and walked briskly to the counter and said “Thanks for the gift scheme for the first buyer from your shop. I really appreciate it”
The surprised counter clerk said “What gift scheme? We have none such presently.”
The lady indignantly told her “Better check with your supervisor. Just now the young man in charge gave me the gift card. That is meant for the first buyer, he said. Please see this. Why should I tell you something that is not true?”
“Madam, this is a gift card presumably bought from this store by the young man. For your information there is no male employee in the toys section”
It then struck her that it was a kind gesture by the young man to an old lady who couldn’t afford a 30 dollar present for her grandson. She looked around only to find that he had left.

We can do no great things, only small things with great love”. ~Mother Teresa


  1. Good One KP. Ending 2014 on a positive note. Happy New Year and have a great 2015. Looking forward to more wonderful stories from the master weaver.

  2. Acts of kindness are best done anonymously. Your story brought it out well.

    Destination Infinity

  3. That is such a lovely story. Happy New year

  4. A' little act of kindness makes the earth an Eden'.Touching story,Partha.

  5. Lovely story :-) There are actually more of such people around, we only need to keep our eyes open to see them.

    Happy New year KP Sir :-)

  6. Lovely Story Sir :) A very Positive story that brings up a smile on our face.

    Happy new Year :)

  7. Beautiful and touchy story. Liked reading it. Happy New Year 2015.

  8. I dont know why people have this mentality of doing good to others but also making sure rest of the world knows about it ..

    I loved the story , thank you so much for sharing


  9. This was a awesome wonderful story and last saying of mother teresa was good and inspiring.
    U write such a awesome stories as ur a good blogger who always says hi and inspires them with ur stories and comments thank u and Happyyyy New Year :))

  10. Beautiful story to end the year and begin a brand new year! Thank you!

  11. Agree with what Mother Teresa said.

  12. what a beautiful story! I just loved it! People like that young man make this world a positive place to live! thanks for sharing

  13. That was so sweet of him...
    Lovely GP :)