Sunday, January 11, 2015

An encounter with a cannibal

It was late evening. I was sitting in the lounge of a hotel in an African city.
”Hey, new to this place? Would you like to see a cannibal?” asked a tall and big man from the adjacent sofa.
I had nothing specific to do and agreed curious to see something strange.
In a few minutes we drove outside the city to what seemed a wood and were face to face with a bare bodied black man with shrunken face, matted hair, unkempt beard and beads on neck seated  before a bonfire to ward off the cold. There were lines in white and orange on his face and body.
There was a look of surprise and his eyes glistened as he smiled showing his yellow teeth. He made no attempt to talk but made some gestures that I could hardly comprehend. . A shudder passed through me as he looked at me in my white skin.with interest.
I looked around for my companion. He was not seen. A lump arose in my throat  when I heard a thud. My companion had hit the black man hard on his head.
“Don’t worry” he said as he plunged his teeth with relish on the black man’s shoulder and added with a large grin”I am lucky today. Black and white would make a great combo.”
As he slowly stood up with a vicious look and blood dripping from his flesh-filled mouth, I stood still dazed like a deer caught in the headlights.


  1. That was an awful twist. How we stereotype colour of the skin!

  2. That was a hideous twist. As always loved the narration.

  3. Good :) Do cannibals eat flesh without cooking them?

    Destination Infinity

  4. That was a very interesting twist which made me smile. Only you could make a story about the cannibal a lighter fare... Very nicely written :)

  5. Scary! Nicely expressed.
    Somehow I guessed what the end would be the moment he agreed to accompany the "cannibal" :) Wish everyone has 6th sense! may all refuse cannibal-sighting invitations!!! :)

  6. Short but gripping! As the end is not explicitly specified, I am sure you can now write a sequel in which the author is saved :-) Enjoyed :-)

  7. Only you can handle this kind of subject with a hint of humor:-)

  8. Omg that was scary indeed. What a new twist this was :-)

  9. That was an unexpected twist ....ha ha