Wednesday, January 21, 2015

55 word fiction

I was polishing shoes.
He called me from his car.
“Drop this box in the garbage bin yonder and take these 100 rupees,” he said
I demurred.
”I will break your head. Do it now,” he threatened.
I stealthily dropped it in his car even as I proceeded towards garbage bin
“BOOM”. The car was ablaze.

2.First time
My family was away.
I found her when strolling in the mall. Tall, shapely and attractive, she was.
I took her home. What a pleasant surprise it would be I thought even as I laid her on bed.
I gingerly caressed her soft hair.
It’s my first gift of Barbie doll for my young daughter.

3. Fortune
I was sitting on the bench at the park.
When a small dog snuggled my feet, I patted it gently
Wagging its tail, it romped on the side walk happily.
A man on cycle foolishly crushed the puppy.
Struck with remorse, he thrust 500 rupees.
“What name?”
“Strange name”
I genuinely pitied the street dog.

4.A night at a motel
It was midnight
“No vacancy” said the motel clerk.
 I pointed to hanging key at the corner.
“Not suitable”
“Give me the key, I have no place to go”
“You will regret”
As I inserted key, I heard “It is my room. I live here for ages”
An icy cold hand tapped me from behind.

“I have unbearable pain below right abdomen ”.
After examination the physician asked “Have you made your will?”
Shocked, I asked “Is it life threatening?”
“Acute appendicitis”
“It is minor surgery,” I said
Yes, minor for most but not for Dr Rajan, the only surgeon available”
“He failed in anatomy thrice scoring single digit marks"


  1. Wow each one had me thinking in one direction. The end was another. Great ones.

  2. Loved this medley, you are a genius and an inspiration!

  3. Lovely ones, Partha Sir. I especially loved the Barbie and the stray dog one.

  4. Too good! Each so different and grasping. Thoroughly Enjoyed reading them.

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  7. Oops! Last one reminds me of my surgery. Scary.. Well.. great stories.

  8. Great stories! All packed with nice punches. I really love reading these 55 word stories... keep writing!

  9. I loved all the stories esp. 1st, 2nd and 3rd! You are back with a bang! It is not easy to write such short stories with a twist. You are very good, Partha Sir!

  10. Aha! I loved all of them...
    And 2nd is my fav of all - reminds me of The Twist in Tales by Jeffrey Archer :)

  11. Very interesting work. I liked it.

  12. Nice and real brief ones - maybe these can be termed micro minis. :)

  13. all of them are really great

    and the only surgeon failing :) made me smile


  14. Thoroughly enjoyed each of the different fragrances! You are simply amazing! :) :)

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