Thursday, March 12, 2015

55 word fiction

1. Offering
His prayer for job answered, he went to temple to drop his offering of 100 rupees in the hundi.The temple was closed but lines of beggars filled the entrance. He could see hunger in their eyes. Without second thought he distributed the entire offering money to them. The temple bell tolled as if in approval.
2. Ethics
She lay on the bed staring at him in his clinic. She looked cute and soft with golden hair. As he examined her belly slowly with his lingering fingers, she fluttered her eyes. He ran his fingers again over her body He resisted the urge to possess her, as she jumped on the ground purring.
3. Lonely path
News papers were awash about recent molestation in that area. She still chose the desolate park at night being a short cut to her home. To her horror she saw a stalker walking behind her. She ran to the main gate and turned to see the new patrol policeman waving at her from the park
4. Violence
What started as banter turned violent. Though 15 feet away, she could hardly follow the quarrel between the two goons. Her heart missed a beat when one of them whipped a knife and plunged it deep in other’s abdomen. As red blood gushed, the attacker turned his gaze at her. She quickly shut the television.
5. Tell me again
It was their first date. They snuggled closer as beach wind was cold
“Can I ask you one thing? Do you get angry?” she asked
“No, my darling “he whispered into her ear
“Tell me again”
“I don’t get angry, sweetheart”
“Say it once more”
“You blockhead! Are you deaf or what?”he shouted in anger


  1. enjoyed all of them but I liked no. 4 the most!

  2. I loved the 5th and then 4th! Nice twist in the stories!

  3. All Good Ones with an interesting twist 5,2,4,1 & 3 in that order

  4. I liked 1,4,5. They had a good twist in the end.

    Destination Infinity

  5. Ha ha , You have such ingenuity up your sleeves. Great.

  6. Those were all so creative. The punchlines were amazing. And the last one...LOL!

  7. Loved all the stories but the third one I wish had transpired in reality too.

  8. Namaste....
    All reverting and amusing.
    good exercise 55 words, hmmmmm, i should try my hand at it one day.

  9. KP, Wow! These are all excellent!

  10. It is the first time that I came to your blog.
    Nice post.
    The stories are nice here, i liked the 5th one.

  11. So many different topics & with surprise endings :)
    Nicely expressed!

  12. Enjoyed reading your stories. They are all interesting. I especially liked the third one. You should read my blog . I posted a short story( though it is a bit longer than yours). I have also written an amusing article about my two cats. If you put imaginativelicoriceallsorts as one word into Google search or put into advanced search under These exact words or phrase imaginative Licorice All Sorts you will find my blog. Regards, Verity

  13. Loved the one on Offerings, Violence and tell me again :-)

  14. Loved each one of them...few words but awesome stories.

  15. Laughed while reading the last...
    Loved the 1st...
    Very nice compilation GP :)

  16. 4th one is the star, though all 5 are good. 55 fiction with a punch !!