Monday, April 27, 2015

The elevator

It was around 5pm and the offices in that tall 14 floor building were closing. There were long lines before the elevators in each floor of people wanting to reach home early before the evening traffic snarls. All eyes were on the panel indicating  the floor where lifts were at any point of time. There were three elevators on this wing and one of them was out of order thus adding to the number waiting.
One of the lifts started at the 14th floor and was cruising down up to eighth floor without stopping midway. Suddenly it got stuck slightly above the seventh floor. The waiting people became restless as they heard the thuds of the passengers in the lift.
Someone from seventh floor shouted “Press the emergency. How many of you are there? Any operator inside?”
“We did. It is not moving. We are just two. No operator. No light too” a female voice answered.
“We have alerted the security. The mechanics are expected. Take care. Is the other one a female like you?”
Thanks.No.I am scared to be caught like this” said the female voice.
“Do not worry. We are here” assured the nameless voice from seventh floor.
Suddenly there was loud noise of someone knocking on the sides of elevator and sounds of shuffling and movement.
All ears were tuned to the noises
“Don’t touch me. I warn you” screeched the female voice
“No, no. Take your hands off me, you rogue. I will lodge police complaint” shrieked the female.
There was a nonchalant giggle and vague noises of reply.
“Help, help. I am being groped in the dark by a wicked person. Please get the lift operated immediately. I beg of you’ shouted the voice
“Hey mister, keep your hands off her. We are more than twenty here waiting to teach you a lesson. I warn you not to mess with her” said the voice from seventh floor.
There was a loud shriek followed by frantic appeals that faded into long silence. One could hear only muffled sobs.
The people on the seventh and sixth floor who could hear were highly agitated.
Someone in the crowd asked “Are you safe, madam? Your silence is bothering us”
Someone called 100 to get the police. More calls were made to get the mechanic post haste.
It was clear some evil person is trying to take advantage of the situation and molest the poor female caught alone in the lift. Seething in anger and shock, they were waiting to punch and box him before handing over to the police.
The long delay for the mechanics to reach and the total silence made them worry whether the worst had happened. All their warnings and admonitions were met with stony silence.
There was a great relief when the mechanics arrived and hurriedly fixed the problem. There was no reply to their query whether the light had come. The lift slowly came down nonstop to 7,6,5,4,3,2,1, and G. A big crowd had gathered. Policemen near the elevator entrance asked the onlookers to move aside.
After what was an interminable excruciating wait, out came a young man and young woman hand in hand smiling at the onlookers. While the waiting persons looked with shock and disbelief, a policeman asked the female, “Do you have any complaints to make against this man, madam”
“What, a complaint against my husband. We are Mr. and Mrs. Swaroop,actors,” she replied with a laugh
The man added “We wished to turn the unexpected mishap into a Hitchcock experience for all the waiting persons and an acting diversion for us to pass the time. Sorry folks, if we had caused you some worry. I am sure the happy conclusion should make the experience worth the while.”


  1. Yes, it was worthwhile! Loved this story! It is a real thriller!

  2. Nice one. The crowd should have "acted" also and beat the heck out of both of them as if it is a scene in a movie.

  3. Master of narration! You brought the whole scene before my eyes!

  4. I would have thrashed the two for making me tense :)

  5. I guessed they would be acting, but thought that was for getting the lift mechanics sooner...

    Destination Infinity

  6. Nice twist in the tale, and I agree with what SG had , it surely would have had a typical filmy end for those two pranksters.

  7. Good one!! I liked the the way you built the suspense

  8. Here I was thinking what happens next ...You are a master narrator.

  9. They were simply acting and the acting was great :) A different take...

  10. Nice one Nana! The ending was interesting!!

  11. LOL. You do these so well :)

  12. Oh boy! What thrill that was! Good one!

  13. Nice twist. But a punishment was required telling acting shouldn't be in lifts.

  14. Hmmm.... I surely wouldn't want to be with the people waiting outside the elevator.

  15. All said and done, that "acting" must have ensured that the police and mechanics arrived pronto.

  16. Crazy people. They scared the onlookers. :)

  17. Exactly, mad people inside the lift. Like onlookers I too got scared.

  18. Enjoyed this one thoroughly.Plenty of intrigue and intensity !

  19. Haha.. Very well composed story and you write really well... Keep it up :-)

  20. The acting actually might have made the others to hurry in getting help.