Saturday, April 4, 2015

The new found thrill

Keshav and Kamli were anything but a ‘made for each other couple’. She was an extrovert, fun loving and gregarious while he was an introvert, a loner and a staid type. She loved eating out, fond of many cuisines and  especially new and esoteric dishes while he always preferred traditional home made food. She loved friends and kitty parties, and was fond of travel. He avoided parties and was a home bird. She loved watching films while he dozed away in cinema halls. She was a great fan of Shreya Ghosal and Sonu Nigam while he liked only Carnatic music. She loved Soccer and had a crush on Messi, and Keshav was no sports person. But the silver lining despite all these differences was that they deeply loved each other.
One Sunday as they were sipping tea at the balcony, he was nibbling with his iPhone. Kamli broke the silence.
“I had great expectations from the marriage. But I never expected even in my dream of such a dull life. We are married for three years. Search your heart and tell me whether you had surprised me even once with an outing to a far off place for my birthday. Am I asking you for a hot balloon ride at a hilly resort that my friend R got from her hubby as a surprise gift?”
“It is not like that, dear. You know my office and the work they have heaped on me. Believe me, it is want of time and nothing more.”
Phew! Just try to tickle your mind to remember of any gift given for our wedding anniversary. I am not asking for a gorgeous dress. You could at least take me to a local restaurant. You do not even take me for a long drive along the beach,let alone thrilling me. You haven’t even shocked me once doing something different from your insipid routine,”she bemoaned
“I am sorry, Kamli. What you say is possibly true. I am not giving excuses but the pressure of office work is too much. But I have given you total freedom to do what pleased you and never questioned you on what you did or where you went. I have given you a vehicle and enough money,”Keshav said in his defense.

“Who wants your car and money? Sad, you know nothing about what a woman seeks”
“It did not strike me that you get carried away by the outward demonstration of love. I love you deeply you know” he replied
“It is not only these. We are like two islands with no common interest. You do not like anything that I love. I wish you understand me more.”
“I will try and please you from now on,” he said patting her in the back
Two days later he told her “I may be late tonight as I am to submit the annual report in gist to Chairman. Do not wait for me.”
She went to bed early by 9 pm and spent some time reading an unfinished novel listening to Suniti Chauhan on iPod. She switched off the night lamp too and soon fell asleep. Around 1 am when she was half asleep and turned to one side, she felt the warmth of a body behind her and an arm over her.. She was drowsy and thought Keshav had returned even as she snuggled closer. The grip of the arm tightened drawing her closer to him. He had put his leg over her and ran his hand over her shoulder and arm. She enjoyed the comfort of the grasp from behind her and the smooches on the shoulder and her nape that sent goose bumps across her body. Keshav was always gentle but today he was different as he had promised, she thought. “Keshav” she called softly and asked “when did you come?”
Instead of a response, she was pulled forcefully. It then struck her that this was not the Revlon musk that Keshav used daily but something else pungent. Scared beyond words, she tried to push him aside
Her both hands were now in his clasp in a scissor hold and her scream was silenced by his palm closing her mouth. It was dark and she could not see. It was obviously someone else who had stealthily entered and about to assault her. Praying to God, she summoned all her strength and succeeded in freeing herself. She jumped out of the bed and ran to a corner.
It was then the bright light came alive and she saw Keshav sitting on the bed laughing loudly and uncontrollably.
“What a foolish act is this? You scared the life out of me. I could have hit you hard with anything I could have got hold of” she said angrily
“Calm down, Kamli..You wanted shock and thrill. I hope you had it in ample measure. As a bonus, be ready to fly to Hong Kong next week. I have some work there for a day but we will spend a week there. I will make amends for all the lost happiness” he said with a mischievous wink
It was now her turn to hug him in joy.


  1. At last he learnt his lesson...before it was too late! Good narration!

  2. The initial narration was a bit long, but the end was good.

    Destination Infinity

  3. :D ahh if only it was so easy....

  4. A surprise can often turn into a shock !! Thank god it was neither :)

  5. Very Interesting as well as sweet story. :-)

  6. Only if half the men realised it earlier than later...:)

  7. That was something. I really thought something scary was going to happen at the end.

  8. I hate the immature expectations like that of Kamli's not understanding the work pressures of men, I felt sorry for Keshav for having resorted to this kind of a trick to please his wife.

  9. :-) Up to your usual surprise twist at the end of the story.
    But it works all the time.

  10. Never again will Kamli ever crib about her husband's un romantic ways !
    Cleverly written ! A subtle pointer to husbands and wives !

  11. Aha! Interesting and nice...
    Glad that he didnt carry on with his excuses forever!

  12. That was a scary way to surprise her but at least all ended well. :)

  13. Haha good one. Though we might hate routines, there is nothing as comforting as a routine. We'll know that only when we're forced to change.

  14. The pungent smell instead of the revlon is still intriguing me...I am just being mischievous..