Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Promise kept

“Will you marry me, Renu” asked Kamesh
“What will you give me, if I say yes?” giggled Renu
“I will give you even my life for your hand.”
“Let us make the day memorable. Can we row in a boat for some distance?”
“The sky is overcast but I don’t want to disappoint you. Let us make it quick, Renu”
Facing each other with their legs intertwined, the lovers rowed laughing and singing romantic songs.
Suddenly she screamed in fear when she saw a cobra crawling towards them.
Kamesh turned to see the reptile and shouted, “Jump immediately with lifebelt and swim to shore.”
“What about you? There is only one lifebelt,” she asked as she jumped.
“Be quick. I will swim and join you.”
She paddled with her hands to reach the shore just when it started raining and turned dark.
Narrowing her eyes, she was peering into the lake even after an hour for any sign of Kamesh.
It struck her suddenly his telling her long back about his wish to learn swimming.(175)

FFFAW Challenge-177th'
This post is written for the 177th picture prompt in Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers. The challenge is to write a piece of fiction within 100-175 words based on a photo prompt. Thanks to Priceless Joy for hosting this challenge.


  1. Ohh....that is tragic but then that is true love

  2. A touching story of sacrifice and love adroitly written in few words..

  3. Well written. That's true love but sad ending, leaves you sad

  4. Felt sorry for the girl and the boy...Good narration again!

  5. Tragic!
    Another dimension to your profile

  6. I don’t like sad endings. Vasudha

  7. That's a small, but impactful tragic story!

    Destination Infinity

  8. Tragedy !

    Not to leave without enough life jackets in the boat.

  9. Oh dear what a tragic ending! So sad. Great story!

  10. Well, he kept his promise! What a sacrifice! Though the words long back make me think. Can we hope he acted upon his wishes but want to make sure Renu was safe before he did anything.He could have probably used the oars to get rid of the snake once Renu was safe... I hope his love did not go in vain. One can only hope. Nice story, as usual. - Vidya

  11. Nice one..though i prefer happy endings.

  12. So sad. That lonely bench is quite symbolic

  13. Living up to his promise! But a bit foolhardy to take to the water without being prepared for such an eventuality.

  14. Reminds me of Titanic movie .