Saturday, July 20, 2019

55 word fiction

Yet another peep into 55-word fiction

If you kiss her, you get the money you wanted
I don’t like it and in public
Take it or leave it.
She may not like.
She will say nothing and is readily available.
Why do you insist?
So you will not ask me again
OK I need money
He produced a frog to kiss.

Midnight scare
It was past midnight. Trriing, triing.. Wife on phone from Chennai
“Arun, why are you awake so late? “
“Sarah is coming. I am struggling to avoid her.”
“Sarah, who? Don’t open the door.”
“Can’t, she is too big to stop.”
“Have you met her earlier?”
 No, her landfall is expected  in half hour”

The chase
With wind blowing his hair, Nitin chased at hectic speed to retrieve what Vipul had snatched from him. But the gap never seemed to close with both maintaining the same speed. Unrelenting Nitin rode on till he finally grabbed Vipul’s collar to demand the chocolate bar back. The music and carousel had by then stopped 

They were young pretty girls clad in jeans and T-shirts.
When I stared, one of them said “Just 200 rupees Sir. You will be happy for the visit”
I was hesitant wondering at the open soliciting.
“Come, I am free now.”
My wife nudged and said “You need a haircut. Try, it is a new salon”

The mango trick
After the magician’s rope walk and wriggling out of a narrow ring, the dumbfounded audience clapped. Commencing mango trick he placed the seed under a basket under watchful eyes. After some mumbo jumbo, he was about to lift the basket, when his young son shouted, ” Appa, you have left the mango here with me”


  1. Ha ha ha....good ones really! Enjoyed.

    Thank you for sharing.

    Best wishes and warm regards
    Hemantha Kumar Pamarthy 🙏

  2. Really very nice. Loved 1 5 and 2.

  3. Kiss: Toooo much...but good imagination, Kp!

    The Mango trick: This is hilarious!

    The others are also very good but these two are the best!

  4. All good! Loved #5! 😃😃😃

  5. A new facet to your storytelling skills ! The tongue in cheek humor is too subtle and if we readers are not sharp we’d have missed it !

  6. Cool interesting stories!
    Hope the magician had an extra mango! :)

  7. Good ones. The first and fourth were interesting!

  8. Lovely.. Each one is a gem trying to outbeat the other..
    Couple of them caught me off guard totally.. Brilliant ones.. Take a bow!