Wednesday, July 17, 2019

A peep into my old 55-word fiction

He paid Rs.500 to the famous tantric for an unfailing talisman to attract women. He came out and tried it on a young woman waiting at bus stop. Lo, she smiled at him and came near. He smiled back not seeing the talisman she also had in hand and trying on him. Talisman seemed working.
What started as banter turned violent. Though 15 feet away, she could hardly follow the quarrel between the two goons. Her heart missed a beat when one of them whipped a knife and plunged it deep in other’s abdomen. As red blood gushed, the attacker turned his gaze at her. She quickly shut the television

Beating death
It was a complicated and long heart surgery for four hours. The cardiac surgeon emerged triumphantly announcing ’Operation success. I can beat death.” He told his assistant, ‘Keep things ready for the next surgery. Will be back after a short rest” After an hour, assistant was waking up an inert doctor. Death was smugly laughing
"You will hit jackpot today!"  said my neighbour first thing in the morning, I wondered how he knew my plan to visit Casino. In high spirits, I determined to try my luck fully. As I took the car out, I broke a flower pot by mistake. My wife shrieked "You have hit Jack’s pot!!!"
First time
My family was away. I saw her when strolling in the mall. Tall, shapely and attractive, she was. I took her home. What a pleasant surprise it would be, I thought, even as I laid her on  bed. I gingerly caressed her soft hair. It’s my first gift of Barbie doll for my young daughter.
He made sure to see her thrice daily. Her blue eyes, the way she spoke and her smile made her his obsession. She never knew his love for her. She talked a lot but never to him. She just ignored him. He nevertheless hung on to her words till his mom switched off the TV.


  1. Great sense of humour! Quintessential micro-fiction. Enjoyed them all!

  2. Enjoyed them all! I think this is your forte!


  3. The 2nd 3rd are good. But the KP touch is missing

  4. Omg! Great new style! Love it--sharing on WhatsApp groups with credit! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  5. Excellent. Loved reading every one of them.

  6. Love these. Tiny nuggets of gold amidst your treasure chest of gems

  7. Madhumita RameshJuly 18, 2019 at 3:41 AM

    I loved the first two stories. Refreshing to read something different from your usual stories.

  8. Hmmm.... This time you beat me to it Mr. Parthasarathy. Couldn't guess.

    Good ones and thanks for sharing.

    Best wishes and warm regards
    Hemantha Kumar Pamarthy 🙏

  9. Super ! You are very talented in writing short and very short stories with twists. You should give us treats like these more often.

  10. my fav is jackpot!
    i think you need to restart scribbling more of 55-word fictions

  11. Talisman is first class:)
    Violence...interesting twist!
    Beating death..felt sad!
    First time....Best dad!
    Obsession....Poor man!

  12. It is not easy to make these micro stories interesting! All are interesting in some way, great, Kp!

  13. Good ones! It's not so easy to cramp a fiction in 55 words, I guess!

  14. Fantastic.. Did not know 55 had this power..i am still giggling on the enormous twists and tales..

  15. Simply amazing. You are truly a magic word weaver. 55 word stories are maybe the best ones.

  16. Such interesting witty microfiction there!