Friday, March 20, 2009

Police men too have a heart

The inspector of police was about to leave the police station for home.A constable came in to announce that a young lady wanted to see him urgently. She came soon behind him, a young lady in her late twenties. She seemed educated and spoke in English flawlessly. The inspector was an elderly man about to retire in a year with a daughter of her age and a son well settled. Asked what brought her to the station, she said coolly “I have poured acid on my husband’s face when he was asleep. He is writhing in pain at my home.” The inspector could not believe his ears till she assured him that it was a fact. The inspector asked her to wait and meanwhile sent a SI with a constable in a jeep to her home to admit the man in agony in a hospital.
Once this was taken care of, he asked her to narrate the events as they happened. After a glass of water, she said” I am a post graduate in Botany and am a lecturer in a college. I made the mistake of falling in love with this man whom I married later. He was an exceptionally handsome guy, with an infectious smile slightly effeminate, suave in manners and an engaging conversationalist that would sweep any woman off her feet. He is intelligent, cunning, lazy and fond of good living, easy money and adept in handling girls. When I fell in love with him, he told me that he was a MBA and an executive in a big company. He took me around to places but took care not to take advantage of my mad love for him before marriage. This made me trust him more. I have no mother. My father an old man who is no more had look at him and said “Sunita, he rings fake to me. Something about him warns me that he is not right, though I cannot pinpoint. Don’t be in a hurry to marry him. Have his statements verified before you take this important decision.” Foolish and headstrong as I was I ignored his suggestion and went ahead with the marriage. At the suggestion of my husband, it was a simple marriage with a very few friends of his. It was only later after a few months that I could find out, he had no job, had no MBA and was a plain loafer. I also learnt to my utter shock that I was his fifth wife and that he had inveigled earlier many girls like me and married them, gave them children and robbed them of their money. He went each night to one of the unfortunate women.”
The kindly inspector asked “Do you have any child? Have you also parted with your jewels and belongings as I see no gold on your neck or hands?”
She replied “Yes, I have lost all. Luckily I have no child. He made me abort the one immediately after marriage as he did not have money for the hospital and I was not aware of his shenaningans.The immediate provocation for my drastic step was his attempt to cheat a girl of nineteen or twenty into a marriage. I overheard his conversation when he assumed I was not at home. His looks were his asset and I decided to take it away from him so that no girl would ever fall a victim any more to his wily moves. I have taken this decision consciously and am prepared to suffer punishment for it.”
The inspector kept quiet motioning her to remain silent and thought over the matter for a few minutes. He could see in the agitated young girl a picture of his own daughter. He could visualize the mental torture of hers having been cheated by a riffraff. He had no sympathy for the young man who got his just desserts. What he was worried was the wrong manner in which the justice was administered to him.
He coughed and told her in a quiet voice” Listen carefully, you are like my daughter. I trust what all you have said. But I will make independent enquiries to test the veracity of your statements. If he is a culprit as you have explained, have no worry. You said that you poured the acid on his face when he was asleep. He must have lost his vision by now. You have taken law into your own hands. This is wrong and punishable. Give me a statement duly signed that on entering the house from the college, you found your husband writhing in pain and that someone must have assaulted him with acid out of enmity. Utter no word to anyone that you did it and stick to this. I will bring this case to a successful conclusion to the great relief of his five wives and the rescue of his potential sixth victim.”
He stood up, patted her on her shoulders and said “Don’t worry; you have a dad in me. Policemen aren’t as bad as they are often depicted.” It can be a matter of endless discussion whether the inspector acted according to law. What mattered was that he knew that justice is often denied in the name of law.


  1. True and for that matter in every part of this world and in any field, there are both good and bad people, but somewhere being human beings we intend to lose our trust, but when such incidences come up, humanity lights up towards a better tomorrow, reigniting the lost trust.
    Excellent story motivating one to trust people and not categorise them in a popular mindset.
    All the very best to you:)

  2. Nice one KP. Where there is evil, goodness also prevails.

  3. Good story. However, why could she not take the help of law before the acid-throwing? Granted, her husband is a disgusting person, but making someone blind is also equally disgusting and unpardonable. In this way, the vicious cycle of sin continues.

    The story is well-written.

  4. Nice story. I agree, you should not take law into your own hands. For a girl who has been cheated and robbed of by the person she trusts most, the deception is too much. She also did not want more girls to be deceived. Her thinking might not have been logical or rational but definitely was in the right place, which the inspector saw. He also knew that people always do not get justice Very well written.

  5. Nice story; knowing your talent for twists in the end, I somehow thought there was more to the girl's version !

  6. I just started reading your stories.. this is a good one... such deception is very common in todays world.