Friday, March 13, 2009

The saviour

by KParthasarathi 14 Mar 2009
As he lay dying on the road after a truck hit his scooter from behind, he saw around him a crowd of fifty people anxiously watching him die. It was a hit and run case. The truck driver fled with the vehicle. No one came forward to help. He pleaded with them to rush him to a hospital. Obviously they could not hear him as no words came out. Some stood for a minute or two and went their way in a hurry. They all had their own work to attend to and had no time or mind to help a dying man. They were discussing among themselves about the careless and drunk truck drivers, the possible hassles with the police and their repeated summons, and the reluctance of taxis and vehicles in lifting blood soaked victims, and the disinclination of hospitals to handle such cases. He knew the urgent need for his getting medical attention and the minutes ticking by. There were so many and yet none came forward.
He recalled the chain email received that day requesting the readers, to forward to twenty more, the mail about rendering prompt help to road victims and how they would not be put to any trouble by the police or hospital. He was sweating profusely and was moving in and out of consciousness.He thought of his young wife and the two children waiting for him. They were to go out for a birthday party of his daughter’s friend. The girl had repeatedly reminded to come home early. He remembered his young boy clasping his legs with his tiny hands asking him to stay back. He recalled the shy smile of his wife when he hugged her before leaving. They would all miss him permanently he thought as his memory faded.
There was no policeman in sight. Someone had rung up an emergency number about the accident and felt relieved that he had done his bit. Minutes passed by and the onlookers were able to see the gradual ebbing of life. It was then they heard a loud voice asking them to give way and allow fresh air to blow. A young man in his thirties went straight to the victim and sought the help of another to lift him to his auto rickshaw. In a matter of two minutes the auto rickshaw flew past to the nearest hospital admitting such cases. The staff and the medical team knew that had the victim been delayed by a few more minutes, he would be a lost case. They looked at the auto driver in admiration even as he walked out to see his three wheeler drenched in blood. He decided to return home to clean the vehicle. His heart was suffused with happiness that he was able to do his bit to save a father and husband from certain death.
Blessed are those who can give without remembering and take without forgetting


  1. A very touching story. People always try to avoid any involvement thinking it does not concern them, If people put themselves in the shoes of the person in need of help, they would be more willing to help. Very few think beyond themselves. We need more such people. Very well written.

  2. A beautiful story with a wonderful concluding line. As Vidya has rightly said, very few think beyond themselves. Thanks Parthasarathi. May God bless you.

  3. A nice write up of a happeing in our everyday life of people just watching, but just a few coming forward to help.Sure it will wake up many.

  4. Indeed.And we can never imagine what it means to the one who is breathing his last. May God make each one of us a saviour in diguise so that no one needs to cry for help, coz it'll always be at hand. A nice lesson through an amazing writer:)

  5. touching and glad that finally you did let some one live :) adn it has a good message to pass on.

  6. Very good message sent across! Excellent written sir! This reminds me of my brother's short film Concrete Jungle . If you have time, do check it out may like it.