Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A request to visit my other blog -reflections

I have started recently another blog reflections ( Some of the visitors to random thoughts have visited the new one too but many are not aware of this new blog reflections. random thoughts carries mainly short stories.Reflections is of a different genre where I post some thoughts. They are short in length and cover a wide range of subjects.
I would request those who are following my blog random thoughts to include if inclined reflections also in their blogroll. I would request the others to visit the blog and see for themselves the content.
warm regards,


  1. I visited the blog. A nice array of articles. A very motivating blog.

  2. There couldn't be a better way to invite to the blog sir. I loved the picture very much. I think two or three days back I visited your other blog and read every posts, from Osho to wolf :) But was not in the mood to write sir. So I didn't leave any comments.

    Every post was inspiring and worth reading. I mean it. Because many posts I found were straight from your heart and from your experience.

    Just blog rolled it...will surely be regular there also :)

  3. The blogs great as I ve already visited it a no,. of times ,I wish you all the very best.