Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Belied hopes

One evening I met my friend Raju after several years. He looked old with a sad face. God had been kind to him in several ways. He had a nice flat and was well off. His only and bright son Simhan did engineering and went to US to make his millions. I could see no reason for this depression. It appears he had come with his wife for a function and was to leave for Delhi the next day. He agreed after some hesitation to visit my house that was very close by
After the pleasantries and the coffee, I could sense his relaxing a bit.
“How is Simhan? I heard he is married and well settled in US.
He did not reply and kept silent for a long time. When I prodded him further he replied in a disinterested manner that he is fine. He did not pursue the conversation and excused himself to the toilet. I saw my wife giving a meaningful glance at me.
Thoughts of my conversations with Raju years back gushed into my mind.
“Partha, I want you to find a very charming girl for Simhan. But I have some conditions. Listen carefully. The girl should be five years younger than Simhan. She should be professionally qualified but willing to be a home maker. I do not want my grandchildren to grow in crèches and miss the care and love of mother. She should not be the only child of her parents. I do not want them in their old age dependent on her. Lastly, it is enough if she is reasonably good looking and matching Simhan’s six feet height. I have no other demands. Do you think I am unreasonable?”
I could understand his anxiety as he possibly had plans of settling with him eventually. “No, not at all, let me find out” I replied wondering at his rigid conditions.
Coming back from the toilet, he left hastily pleading some urgent work. His abrupt departure signaled to us that he was avoiding something.
It was a month later when my son spoke from Fremont he could hardly suppress his surprise. ”Appa, you remember Raju mama’s son Simhan who did his engineering with me. I met him at Wal-Mart today after several years. I never knew he was living so close by. He has made it big here and a millionaire.”
“What a coincidence” I said” Raju mama was here a month back. He looked very dejected and hardly spoke.”
“Appa, hold your breath for a startling news. He has married Vanessa a Mexican lady, five years older than him, who is working as his secretary. She was also there with him. Appa, she is short, plump,dusky and plain looking. Really, I do not know how Simhan fell for her. But don’t worry. He looks very cheerful.
“My god, this is not what Raju wanted. He had set so many stipulations.”
“Simhan was feeling sorry for his parents. He was telling he is unable to have them with him. Vanessa’s parents had separated and being the only daughter her mother is living with them. He has no children. His eating habits have also changed. Even if Raju uncle were here, he will not feel comfortable”
Tthought of how much Raju dreamt about his daughter-in-law and what he has got with none of conditions met came to my mind. I could now understand the anguish in his face and his uneasiness while at my house.
It was my wife Vasantha who cheered me up saying “It is all in divine hands. Have you not heard Man proposes but God disposes? What can Simhan do? After all he is such a nice boy.”


  1. Very true, "Man proposes but God disposes"?
    The worse pre marriage syndrome is all about the apprehension of being disposed off(lol):)

  2. That’s interesting … how things go the ways many others wouldn’t them to go ….

    Sure… there are things that are not in our hands …
    However, the question is where we draw the line …

    Maybe what matters is the contentment and happiness at the end of the day

  3. dear partha,
    we can only have hopes.GOD works them out! a nice story!i appreciate the way you reach out to readers with a value in each post!great going,partha.
    keep blogging!you're so gifted........
    have a nice day!

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  5. The most happy person in the world is the person who has the least expectations and is most contended with everything that God has given !!


  6. Its very true. What we want is not always what we get for reasons unknown!

  7. Namaste.....hmmmmmmmmmmmmm.....
    You cannot live our children's life and they will not choose as you would choose because they are not you. He is parents are burdened by their own expectations, wants and desires and are missing out on living and enjoying their son who is happy and content with his life. Instead of enjoying life they are bemourning it if they are not careful they will lose out.

    thanks for sharing

  8. good one..nice read..too many expectations and very little acceptance leaves a man frustrated and agitated!!

  9. Expect less and God will reward you with the best

  10. Father says *condition apply
    God says *****your conditions doesn't apply*****